Monday, March 4, 2013

Lets Do This: Perfect Night In Swap

Getting all dolled up to go out & is all fine and dandy some days but other times a girl just wants to lounge around in her never-been-to-yoga pants and stay in.

Right? Oh you know I'm right.

And that's where this little swap-aroo comes in.

I promise it'll be as fun as that button is cute. 

In case you're wondering what exactly you'd send inside of a kick ass "Perfect Night In" swap package, you'll be glad to know it's can be anything from at-home-manicure junk to tiny booze and a movie. Although, I'm not sure you can lawfully send booze through the mail...not that it should stop you from trying ;)

Just think of all the things you like to do when you lazy about on a relaxing night in and send your partner 3x that awesomeness. Or you know, at least $20 worth of it.

I had one slacker not send her partner a package for my last swap, please DONT do that. It's not fair & only shows you're a pretty shitty person. If you really want to join but think you might need an extension on the pkg send out date then I'm sure something can be worked out. The key: communication. Second grade stuff going on over here peeps.

That being said, I really hope you all join us for this fun swap cause really, it isn't shit without you. I promise, it'll be fun!

If you have any questions about the swap or whatever just email me or Amber. Otherwise, sign up.

 photo PNIJoinButton1.png
Yep, right here 


  1. Signed up! First swap. Kind of excited about it.

  2. Ohh this sounds like a great idea. Not gonna participate in this one though. I'm clamping my wallet tight. Hubs and I are in the middle of trying to buy a house. :T Hope you girls have fun though!!

  3. Oh yay!! excited for a new swap! :)

  4. Cute idea! Love your new header font, by the way =)

  5. Oh bummer, I am outta town and cannot commit this time :(
    Next time it is, sounds like fun!

  6. I want to sing up for this BUT Ive been a bad blogger and havent blogged at least 6x in the last 30 days. Can I still sign up? :( I plan on blogging A LOT more this month! promise :)

  7. Love the new site girly! I am in of course. : )

    ps- You misspelled perfect in the pink graphic...haha love you

  8. shared this with my Tampa Bay Blogger Group too : )

  9. Ugh, I so wanna do this swap, but I gotta save up money for buying a house! This sounds so fun, too :P

  10. Sounds so fun...maybe once I go over my budget this week I can join in.

  11. Just signed up ... so much fun!! Also now following your blog :)

  12. SO sad that I missed this :(
    That's what I get for being 2+ weeks behind on my blog reading!


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