Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Originally I wasn't going to post anything today because I've just got way too much crap going on in my head. It's all garbled together, I'm still trying to sort through it and toss out the garbage and really, I didn't want to burden your clean brains with it.

However, I go by the rule 'if you feel like writing then do it', so here I am.

Dont worry, this isn't going to be a brain dump post, it's a sharing post. I'm totally nice that way.

Yesterday Sam Shelton tweeted that her video for "Dizzy" was now out. Que my excitement. For those of you who haven't been paying attention to the words I put on here, I actually reviewed Sam's latest album, Reservoir and mentioned that this particular song was one of my faves.

Hence my excitement.

Super cute and catchy. Just what I needed on this crappy-long Wednesday afternoon. And no she's not chunk, she was actually 6 months pregnant when she filmed this video. Adorable, right?

I've watched this video about 18x now. Don't judge. Also, I want her hair...as the good girl and bad girl. *points to self* This girl needs a personal hairstylist asap.

(this has nothing to do w/promoting her album. It just made me smile & wanted to share it.)


  1. Cute! I like the bad girl ok but I'm all about that housewife hair!

  2. So I am OBSESSED with the song "Harlem" by New Politics. Cannot get enough.

  3. This video is super cute and I love the song!

    Also LOVE the hair.

  4. This video is adorable and the song is great too.

    Also LOVE the hair.

  5. This song is very catchy and I like the video. OMG she was 6 months pregnant in that video? I hope when I'm preggers I'll have a body like that. Jeez.


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