Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. The moving process is moving along...very fucking slowly on my part. Still haven't done any packing or tossing of crap I don't intend on taking with me to the new place.

2. For the first year ever I didn't watch the Oscar Awards. From what I hear though, I didnt miss much other than a ton of fugly dresses, botox gone wrong, and KStewert ruining the night with her face. I am a bit sad I missed the jokes though...

3. Speaking of the Oscars: I'm now in love with Jennifer Lawrence.

4. I'm by no means tall. Think I might be 5-6, maybe, but every time I swing my legs into my car it never fails that I knock my right knee into the dash area & let out a giant yelp followed by many many profanities.

5. Rusty needs new slippers, I think these would definitely suit my geek.

6.  True story.

7. As much fun as I've had pinning tons of different decorating crap, it dawned on me the other day that I can't actually do any of that unless I win the lottery in the next month. So yeah, looks like I'm headed to Target & Living Spaces for some real people affordable furniture.

8. My heart might have just stopped beating from all the cuteness.

9. Californication, why the fuck have you gone so down hill? It makes my face super sad to sit through each week & still not see Hank and Karen together. And this new muse chick that's falling for Hank...me no likey.

10. Break's over. It's time for some swap fun! Soon.

* * * * *

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  1. I think K. Stewart has the potentially to look pretty but because she's so awkward she makes those stupid faces. I might be crazy but I think she is pretty.

    I tried to watch the red carpet and the Oscars but I got bored easily. All I wanted to do was good to bed.

  2. What is with Kristen Stewart? Her face is so frickin' ugly?! Ok, I'll be nice and not say anything at all.

    Jennifer Lawrence's dress was beatiful. So what if she tripped on it?

  3. I just want to throw Kristen Stewart in a shower and was and comb her hair and that dress oh my can we say get a new tailor...

  4. I need to catch up on Californication!
    My heart just stopped beating from all the cuteness too! Aww!
    And those slippers are awesome!

  5. 1. Yeah. Moving blows. I will never leave this house, mostly because I don't feel like moving six people's worth of crap. Unless we somehow become miracle billionaire's and then I'll just torch it all and start over.

    2. KStew would be pretty if she'd lay off the heroin and find an acting coach who could slap that dumb look off her face.

    3. Um. Yeah. Love her. Also, she flipped off the entire press room and I heart her for it.

    4. That's why you drive a giant SUV. It works out perfectly, until gas hits $4/gallon and you're paying $80 to fill up once a week...

    5. Awesome.

    7. Right? Who the eff has the money for all of that? I went to Hobby Lobby to decorate for Easter and my credit card was all like, "whoa bitch, calm the hell down...you're not a millionaire."

    10. Whoo-hoo!

  6. I love Jennifer Lawrence even if her eyes are too close for my liking. She's better than Kristen Stewart who always looks constipated. And what the fuck is Anne Hathaway doing? The faux nipple dress? Really? You didn't put that on and were like, "hmm.. perhaps not the best choice..." Moron. I hope she goes away forever and ever.

  7. #3. I want to be in a lesbian relationship with J.Lawrence. I'm pretty sure she'd be the dude though, she's got Alpha written all over her.

    #10. YES!

  8. I can related to just about all of this. #1 is stressing me out too right now.
    And I'm sick of wasting money on decorating a house. When we know we're moving every couple of years, I have trouble committing to a property.

  9. Amen to loving Jennifer lawrence. Can I just be her? Either her or Emma Stone. But are freakin adorable.


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