Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I haven't read or commented on blogs for about 2 weeks now & I'm having major guilt issues over this. Believe me, I miss all your posts & I will read AND comment soon.

2. When I don't get my way:

3. Hi, I'm 30, no kids, dont own a house and still have no fucking idea what I want to do when I grow up.

4. Having your very best female friend live in a different country is the pits. One of us needs to win the lottery so we can buy a house right around the corner from each other.

5. He warned the humans not to bring in another cat..he warned them.

6. My reason for being away so long: We've decided to move & I'm pretty much doing everything but starting to pack. Also, I'm panicking about whether or not going from a rented house to an apartment is a good move. Yes, I'll take some french-cries with my whamburger.

7. Having been off work for a full 11 days has really made me aware of how shitty of a housewife I'd be. I'm going stir crazy in this mother.

8. And this is exactly how NOT to do your makeup. Ever.

9. I've forgotten how difficult it is to come up with 10 things when you've done nothing but lounge around the house & work on this afghan.

10. The original song is forever embedded in my brain but this...this is fucking classic.

* * * * *

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  1. I freak out when moving. It was really hard for me to move 607 miles and a couple states away. Hopefully you'll just be moving a couple cities away or something. Good luck packing. Good to get an early start on it.

    I was actually going to show a vlog about how to do make-up like that on my blog tomorrow. Guess I'll have to find something else to post about.

  2. Ahh 11 days off? I could use that right now. Miss you on the blogosphere! Good luck packing. I hate the packing part and I love the unpacking part. Bleh. OMG I love/hate that song.

  3. gah! I love your thrift shop remix! and omg that song won't leave my head either. Dude, change sucks. I'm packing up my cube right now and I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Moving houses is infinity million times worse. And no big on not blogging, we all understand and don't have guilt. You're awesome and an awesome blog hostess! I wear your grandpa's clothes. I look incredible.

  4. Love that afghan, you are really creative:)
    Laughed at the cat picture, I have a feeling that might be similar to what happened to a kitten of ours a few years back, though I think our old cat made him cross the road when a car came!
    Looking forward to hearing more about the move.

  5. That is exciting about the move! I hope everything will go fine. I know how stressful and annoying it can be, so good luck!
    And I still don't know what I want to do when I am grown up either. Haha.

  6. Welcome back to blogger world, thanks for another edition of 10 on Tuesday, have fun packing!

  7. 1. We forgive you!
    2. Basically.
    3. Hi! It's ok no matter what anyone tells you!
    4. I know the feeling all too well. All our best friends are scattered.
    5. Ha!
    7. I'm never more depressed than when I come back to work after vacation.
    8. I LOVE looking at botched make-up and plastic surgery on Pinterest. Weird?
    9. And it's lovely!
    10. Chris thinks I'm crazy for liking that song.

  8. I've heard and even seen a uni-brow; but TWO eyebrows over one eye? That's a fucking new one. I should totally do this for my next vlog and see if anyone comments on it. Haha.

  9. Dude, moving BLOWS!! Hang in there Lin!

  10. fuck moving sucks ass. I'm sorry I should be positive and tell you how awesome it is but going through your shit sucks.
    BUT every picture you included made me laugh my ass off. except for that girl with the really pretty makeup... that's how I do mine everyday?
    don't worry about the absenteeism, sometimes you just need a break!
    welcome back friend. also, move to Canada, it rocks up here.

  11. I have it worse than you... I'm 30, no kids, no boyfriend, no job, live with my mom, know what I want to do with my life but can't find a job doing it!

  12. 1. I haven't blogged in awhile let alone commented.
    3. I hear ya. I will be 30 in April and have no kids, no house, and live with my BiL and his crazy wife who is driving me insane.
    6. I really hate moving. Especially after my last move.
    7. I couldn't hack being a housewife.
    8. Um....yuck?
    9. Love!

  13. The afghan is really pretty! Great job!


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