Monday, February 4, 2013

Talk About Not Talking, Right Now

Some life changes happened this weekend. I conquered a fear. I stood up for myself and as much as it hurt my heart, I still did it.

I'm not really ready to go into what exactly all this jibber jabber is about right now but I will. Eventually.

Seriously, I hate myself for even writing that cause it used to irritate the fuck out of me to hear that from other bloggers but I know now, there are things that can't always be put out there; either because you're not prepared to be that vulnerable or you just don't have the time to type all that shit out.

My reason's a bit of both.

Just know: I'm not knocked up, not getting divorced and no one's died. Basically it just comes down to me learning to put myself/my marriage first, it's OK to be selfish sometimes and that a person can only give so much until they're all tapped out. As tough as it was to come to this realization I'm really hopeful that everything will work out for the best.

On that note...only 5 days until I'm here

and I'm cruising the strip, sippin' on a giant Fat Tuesday daiquiri!

this gif scared me a lil bit. yikes, girl is straight up fug.


  1. Damn you for teasing me up like this and leaving me hanging. Just leaving me like this when I have nothing to do at work. SHAMEFUL. ;)

  2. Being a little selfish last year totally saved my marriage. Nothing wrong with it. Good for you girl.

    Also, VEGAS!!!!!

  3. I hope everything is okay. But good for you for standing up for yourself! Sometimes, being selfish is just a neccesity.

    Woo for Vegas!

  4. Congratulations on standing up! It'll be alright.

  5. nothing wrong when it comes to being selfish about your own life and marriage :) enjoy Vegas :):)

  6. congrats!
    I'll let my imagination run wild on what you did lol
    please promise that you will be plastered like a bastard while you're there?

  7. I hope everything will turn out great, Lin! It is absolutely fine to be a bit selfish!
    And yay! Vegas baby!

  8. It's ALWAYS ok to put your marriage first. Now I'm curious! Hope you spill it soon!

  9. Whatever it is, I agree that putting in some time to work on your marriage is important. Hope you have lots of fun in Vegas!! Woot Woot~

  10. You will be glad you did it, Lin. Standing up for what is right can be terrifying but in the end, it feels great. Hope everything is okay!

  11. Good for you for doing what you needed! Take care of yourself and your relationship first! Have fun in Vegas!

  12. Hang in there Lin, I've been there. Sending good ju-ju your way, and hoping Lady Luck (& those frozen daiquiris) show you a good time in VEGAS!

  13. So proud of you babe. Also: VEGAS, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I actually deleted *some exclamation points because I thought I might scare people.)

    *about two rows


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