Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random Thursday: Ridiculous Fears...

Woohoo, it's Random Thursday time! Thanks for joining Em, Meg & I today...if you are...if not then you should, but if anything else thanks for stopping by & taking a gander at this post of mine.

Today's topic is:

I  have lots of little fears; like falling down the stairs at work or running into an ex while being 20 lbs overweight and wearing yesterdays clothes. Sorry, got a little particular there.

Some fears actually aren't so little, like drowning or plummeting to my death in a plane crash. Then there are the one's that are so damn improbable...like these:

Dolls coming alive & killing me in my sleep.
Crazy? Definitely. But that shit doesnt stop me from having nightmares about it. When I was kid I'd purposely face all my dolls towards the wall so they couldn't stare at me while I slept. Rusty laughs & says that it's a stupid fear cause you could just kick the little fuckers away from but if you've seen Chucky then you'll know they're a lot stronger when awake.

Zombie's eating me alive.
I would imagine being chomped on while alive would hurt like hell. Hence my fear. Also, I dont run very fast (read: not at all) so a zombie Apocalypse would suck balls for me. Thank jeebus for guns & even slower running people.

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  1. Oh, loved this week's topic - so fun! You get some creepy as dolls I tell's ya! Very valid, real fear ...

    Have a great rest of your week!

  2. I think you are watching too much Walking Dead but I'd be scared of zombies too. And vampires and werewolves! lol!

    Dolls creep me out too.

  3. lol right? It's so hard to talk about ridiculous fears without spiraling down into real fears. My post somehow turned into like 99% legit fears, only 1% ridiculous.

  4. Ha ha, running into an ex (or a frenemy) looking like I just rolled out of bed definitely is one of my fears, too ;-) Did that just happen to you?

  5. Dolls are definitely creepy! They freak me out too!

  6. Running into an ex...ahem...nope, never had that fear! (wink) When I go out in my pajamas for milk or something I worry about running into anyone I used to know and really hate. If I have to run into them, I want them to see me looking fabulous!!

  7. Okay, the dolls. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. When I was younger (and not even like 6, but I'm talking like 12) I used to hug each of mine before I gently put them back onto their shelf in my room and tell them I loved them. Not because I was sweet, but because I was scared to death that if they thought I hated them they would awake in the middle of the night and cut me from head to toe.

  8. I have a fear of dolls coming alive too! Especially weird freaky looking dolls with a crazy smile and serial killer eyes.

  9. I don't know about my random fears, but I do have have a wee bit of a fear of bees wasps, hornets, yellow jackets... I think it is the sound they make more then anything. But my sister as a kid was terrified of the child catcher in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

    Ali of


  10. I'm sorry but I burst out laughing at dolls coming alive and killing me in my sleep. it escalated so quickly!
    reason 259 why I love Lin. no sugar coating haha

    ugh zombies! ever since I started watching the walking dead I have nightmares about my friends and I getting eaten alive. so morbid.

  11. Dolls. Are. TERRIFYING. Totally with you on that one. I was worried about the zombies before meeting you and Matt - now I figure as long as you guys beat the zombie plague to Canada, I'll be just fine with your arsenal. So that takes care of that fear. :)


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