Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Thursday: If I Was Queen For A Day...

Lets go right ahead & talk about the big fat elephant in the room. Apparently my ass doesn't know how to use the English language properly because our topic should technically read "If I WERE Queen For A Day", yeah, I suck. 


Hopefully you guys can just ignore this shit & join us. Cause you know what? It's totally worth it. And, we're pretty awesome chicks.

It kind of took me all day to think of these so you better be nice & say they rock.

I would have someone pick all of the RED jelly beans out of the jelly bean bunch cause any other color is gross.

I'd wear a dress like this. Granted I'd probably be bitching & moaning about how heavy and hot it is within minutes of stuffing myself into it but if I'm gonna play the Queen role, I'm taking that shit all the way old school. 

I would legalize gay marriage & marijuana all ready. They've been fighting for it so long, just let them have it already.

I'd have an endless supply of this deliciousness. Also, someone would have to follow me around with this platter because I'd want to be able to reach for one (or six) whenever I felt like it.

* * * * * 

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  1. Haha, I love your jelly bean answer! :)

  2. I'm fine with all jelly beans except the black ones. So I'd just get someone to take those ones out for me. Also that dress looks hella uncomfortable. How would you sit down? Or, you know, BREATHE?? Also I'm glad you pointed out the "were" snafu because I didn't want to bring that up on top of the whole "piqued" convo the other day. I've been told my need to obsessively correct grammar and spelling can get annoying. Those strawberries look delicious. Though don't start eating those AFTER you're strapped into that dress cos you might never get out of it again!

  3. Dammit Lin, you just had to put that picture of chocolate strawberries up there, didn't you?! Now I'm going to be drooling into my keyboard. :D

  4. Love this! Tho I am not so sure about the dress part! Thanks for linking up my post! You rock!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Um, my favorite thing is spicy red jelly beans. Um, LOVE.

  6. I second the jelly bean thing! Why even bother with any other color??

    Go all the way!!! I've always wanted to wear an old school queen dress.

    I like the idea of the strawberries, but I'm allergic :(

    Legalize it!

  7. Amen to the chocolate covered strawberries! NOM NOM NOM! :)


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