Thursday, February 7, 2013

Random Thursday: Embarrassing Celeb Crushes...

Woot-woot, it's time for some Random Thursday fun! 

I know you guys are totally thinking that the best part of Thursday is this fabulous link-up of ours (and you'd be totally right to think it) but IMO it's the fact that weekend is only hours away. 

This weeks topic:

When we came up with this topic we weren't really sure about the wording cause in reality we're not really "embarrassed" about crushing on these celebs, it's just not something we'd go around preaching. 

Meh...it got the idea across right? 

I have a tendency to watch a movie/tv show & immediately crush on the funny or dorky dude. If they're chubby, no big deal its just more cushion for the pushin'; if they're not the best looking, that just means you have to concentrate on their awesome personality. Turns out my jr high counselor was right, looks aren't everything. But, they sure don't fucking hurt either.

1. Matthew Perry - Two words: Chandler Bing
2. Seth Rogen - I have a serious thing for chubby funny dudes who are dorky as hell. They're even more doable if they wear thick framed glasses. I know, strange.
3. Walton Goggins - The name alone should be a pussy repellent but it does something for me. Also, if you've seen him on Justified then you'd know that he can rock crazy hair & a southern accent like no other hillbilly.
4. Charlie Day - Like I told  my home-girl Tamara yesterday, dude might look like a hairy elf but I'd still take a go at him. He looks like he'd be pretty limber, no? Yeah I think so. Also, he's funny & funny is always good entertainment.
5. Giovanni Ribisi - He's such an underrated actor. I mean, did you guys see his talented ass dancing in Ted? That's the kind of shit that should be winning Emmy's. 

Strange picks? Negative. More like awesome picks.

Join the cool kids for some fun, link up with Em, Meg & I and show off your no-so-hot celebrity crushes. 

* * * * *

Next weeks topic: Last 5 Frivolous Purchases...


  1. Chandler Bing - yes, that one I would marry too. If I told my husband that I see some similarities between the two of them, he would not like it, though ;-)

  2. Nice picks! Chandler is my favorite friend. And I definitely had a dream a few nights ago that Seth Rogen was my bf.
    Did you see Giovanni Ribisi in Saving Private Ryan? Oh my gosh. Amazing.

  3. I have to agree with #1. I like Matthew Perry too.

    Also, Giovanni's dancing in Ted was so creepy, it was funny. I would agree that he is an underrated actor. I often think of his perfomance in The Other Sister.

  4. Nice picks! I totally feel the same way about #2, that is why I also love Jack Black and Phillip Seymour Hoffman...

    Awww, I wish I had linked today, but I guess I can always do it tomorrow, right? Will do ;)

  5. Hahaha I love that you like the chubby funny ones. I don't blame you!

  6. Oh, chandler bing!! He rocks!
    Hello from the penthouse suite of the mirage were we spent one night because the hotel is overbooked! Hehe! See you soon!

  7. Hi Lin!

    So good to back and linking up for this fun/ embarrassing post:) Nothing embarrassing about Matthew Perry ... and Giovanni Rabisi is super sexy:)

    Have a lovely day!

  8. Walton Goggins is amazing in everything he does... I love Charlie Day too.

  9. Charlie Day is on my list too.. I love him!

  10. Back in my single days I would scope out the guys in thick black framed glasses, so I guess it's only fitting I married a man who looks ridiclous in them - LOL. I like your list!

  11. While I don't agree with all these on the "crush" part, I love all these actors. (I admit that I'm more of a Ryan Gosling-type girl). Walton's mannerisms are, in my opinion, Emmy-worthy (we know my opinion matters, right? :)

  12. Girl, I'm with you. If a man makes me laugh, like truly laugh, my ladybits are all over it. My husband likes to think his looks are what attracted me [but seriously, we met in high school, he was a set of ribs and legs, nothing else] but really it was because he was hilarious.

    Giovanni - yes.

  13. ugh chandler bing. always my fave.
    and Charlie day. that dudes funny as shit.

  14. Uhm love. May be a total late poster because this topic is amazing.

  15. I tend to like the Chubby and/or dorky one's too : )
    Mark Hoppus was always my biggest crush and my friends just did not understand

  16. Giovanni... yes, yes, yes. Is it strange that I even found him endearing and wonderful in The Other Sister? Because I totally did.

  17. um...I'll take a Franco brother, please

  18. I wanted to participate in this Random Thursday but work never allows me too. You should send me the upcoming topics for the next month so I can sit and write out the posts and schedule it. lol!

    I had crushes on Anderson Cooper and Victor Garber and then I found out that they swing the other way :(

    Most of my embarrassing crushes are on younger guys like the guys from One Direction and Justice Bieber.


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