Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Being Neighborly...

I kinda threw it out there yesterday that Rusty & I are currently in the process of moving out of the house we're renting and into an apartment. The decision didn't come easily for us but the fact that we're paying so much in bills for a house that isn't ours finally hit us. Hard. Like in the form of 'bitch, you're going broke here'.

So, yeah we're moving to a new place in April. It's not gonna be a big cross country move or anything, just the next city over. Easy peasy yo.

I'm a definitely a little sad cause we're leaving a really great neighborhood with lots of privacy. On the plus side, the new place is a super nice apartment complex. Downside is there's pretty much little-to-no privacy because some of your walls are touching your neighbors.

So much for crazy loud sexy time, right?

Damn, I got off track...my point to this post was to ask you guys, when you move into a new neighborhood/apartment complex is it polite or weird to go around introducing yourself to your new surrounding neighbors?

The last time we moved it was our neighbors that initiated the intros. But considering I'll probably be seeing these new neighbors a lot more often then the others (as their door's like 6 feet from mine) I think I should at least say hello or maybe ring their doorbell & ditch some delicious cookies on their doorstep as I run back to my place.

What? I dont like meeting new people. It's I'm awkward.

I found this idea on Pinterest (yes, that mofo's sucked me in, again) & it seems cute enough. To me it says, "Hi, I live here now, so if you see me coming out of that apartment it's not because I just stole their shit" and it's a little impersonal, which is cool with me. Truth is, I don't want to be their friend, I just want to wave & be on my way when I see them.

Give me feedback peeps.


  1. I think it is nice when neighbors do things like that!

  2. I'd say introduce yourselves! Depending on the number of units, at least to the ones on your floor. It helps to establish a friendly atmosphere.... just in case you need their help or there's a water leek ;-) But that's coming from a German perspective :-)

    Big decision! I hope your new apartment is awesome, you deserve it!

  3. I think it can be good to introduce yourself. Never know when you may need to have them on your side for something or just need help- but def agree you're not wanting to be BFFs with the entire complex. I would see what happens during literal move in time. A lot of ppl are curious at the person bringing in the boxes and that's a good way to say hello! Then once you're in a couple weeks maybe a lil something for the close neighbors. Good Luck!

  4. My neighbors are all college undergrads, so it's not exactly the same, but I will say: I do feel weird when I'm leaving at the same time as my neighbor and neither of us says anything to the other or waves or anything.

  5. We lived in two apartments in NC and I never introduced myself. But I'm super shy. I might wait til you happen to bump into them or even let them make their introductions.

  6. Oh man..that's tough. But I can relate. If I didn't have kids I'd totally be in an apartment. And I love the idea of meeting the neighbors with the little cookie idea. Besides being a friendly thing to do, it's also a little bit of security. If they have a face to put to the apartment, they'll most likely keep an eye out for you.

  7. Sure it is a little weird to go around and introduce yourself but I usually do it. I mean, maybe you will need some help at some point (if it is just borrowing some sugar etc.) and then it is nice when they already know you. I am not friends with my neighbors either (and I don't want to) but I introduced myself and I always talk to them a bit when I see them and have time. So yeah, I like your idea with the cookies. I think that is a great way to introduce yourself without being overly friendly etc.
    Good luck with your move!

  8. You're not the only awkward one. I have never initiated the introductions. Actually I never even spoke to my only neighbor until a few days ago, and I've lived here over two years.
    I say go for it and just say hello.

  9. ugh I am so awkward in situations like that!
    I've only lived in apartments when I was in university so I usually met the majority of my neighbours drunk in the hallways on Wednes... err I mean Saturdays...
    I think when I move into my next apt (planning to in sept) I would like to introduce myself.
    nothing worse then needing something tiny and being too nervous to go across the hall.
    I suggest suck it up and just be like yo I'm Lin, I'm the new chick.
    obviously you are not looking for lifelong friends (and they probably aren't either) but its nice to be friendly and be able to have small talk with your neighbours.

  10. DO IT. Because then maybe they won't call the landlords when your bed is banging into their wall at all hours of the night.

  11. I live in an apartment building with only 12 apartments and most the people don't introduce themselves or anything...but people move in and out a lot. The girl in front of me did and it was a little awkward, but nice. We agreed to bring in packages for each other when we see them on the porch so they don't disappear. I like her. Other neighbors we just awkwardly say hi as we pass. If this was a more long term place I would introduce myself more.

    As far as the cookies...it's a nice thought, but I don't know if people would eat them. Maybe some wrapped chocolate in the bag instead? Nowadays with all the creeps in this world trying to kill everyone; I would not eat baked goods from someone I didn't know.

    Good luck with the move! : )

  12. OK, I have lived in an apartment for a 2.5 years. I am definitely one of those people who would love to meet my neighbors, but it always seems like there is a reluctance. My last apt. complex became much more friendly, but that is cause my neighbor was ALWAYS outside! There are always going to be awkward greetings or run ins. Maybe a quick hello? I don't think i would go all out with the cookies ... though they are completely adorable! (Yahoo for Pinterest!) Maybe just cookies for those that you might piss off with your moving truck?


  13. That's a cute idea! I think the 'rules' for apartments are different from homes. Most people in apartments keep to themselves, but I do think it's important to know your neighbors and say hello.

    With a house I thought the 'rule' was the people already living there should say hello to the new people. We had most of our new neighbors come say hi to us, except for one who is across the street and keeps giving us the stink eye. Haters.

    ... so yeah, avoid that. LOL

  14. I'm awkward as well and don't really reach out like that. It's always been the neighbors that reach out when I have moved in the past. That's a great idea though!

  15. I'm awkward and I don't really like interacting with other people a lot so...I don't introduce myself. Plus you get the ones who are like "Hey neighbor! Let's be BEST FRIENDS!!!!" Had that happen, and it's so awkward trying to avoid them. Like HIMYM (I think I'm thinking of the right show, but pre-coffee, maybe not...) Anyway, I just avoid them all! But maybe that's just me being anti-social.


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