Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

*I'm playing solo today as Amber's sick with the plague or something. Poor girl. If you have a chance, send her some twitter love.*

1. Fall TV shows are back bitches! Thank gawd cause I was getting so tired of watching reruns & going to bed early.

2. This is so true. I can be mad as hell at Rusty but if the dude is cold, I'll get him a blanket and if he's hungry, I'll get up & make his ass something to eat. You know it's love when even your anger won't stop you from doing something nice for them.

3. Cassidy wrote a post about big bloggers being bully's & acting like giant corn holes. It's good, you should read it. Also, if someone comes to you for blogging advice, don't be a douche, help them out because you were them at one point.

4. Haha, that must have been one big ass moth. Can't blame them for creeping out though cause moths are fucking disgusting.

5. You know when someone's talking your ear off about shit you could care less about & all you can think is "when the fuck are you going to finally shut up?...OMG, just shut up already!...Why are you still talking?!" Yeah, I hate when that happens.

6. I'm a total movie geek; this made me beyond giddy to see. If you get a kick out of it too then we can totally be bff's forever. So much so that I think we should get matching bff necklaces.

7.  Ubber positive people annoy the hell out of me sometimes. Particularly when Im having a pissy day & they're over there all "ooh, look at me, there's sunshine coming out of my butt". *gag*

8. Word. The way I see it, I'm setting myself up for failure by making resolutions.

9. I have $17 to my name until Friday. This blows. Hope your enjoying the shit out of the Silver BB, Rusty. (Ok, really, me being poor has nothing to do with the car. I just like throwing his new car in his face every now & then. Im awesome like that.)

10. An amazing blog friend of mine has started up a fantastic blog especially for us womens. A place where sex is discussed about openly, without feeling judged or dirty AND it's educational...bring it on! Her first few posts are pretty great (especially THIS one), and I swear I'm not just saying that cause she's a friend.

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  1. 2. I always tell The Hubs when I'm upset at him, that I don't have to like him at that moment...I still love him but man! I'm allowed to not like you for a bit lol

    5. oh my gosh - there are people at my office that do this. The whole time they're talking, I'm thinking to myself, "shut up! why in the world did I start this conversation?! I should know better not to make eye contact with you!!"


    7. Give me my time to my pissy, ok? That's all I'm asking, jeez.

    9. I'm feeling ya on the money. Lately our account has just been bleeding money...non stop! WTH. Come on payday!!

  2. OMG yes on 1 & 2!! Holy fuck you hit the nail on the head with those!!!

    And I fucking HATE blog snobs. With a passion! Dude... I was denied ad space yesterday from some twat... and I have MORE readers than she does! Wtf? LOL

  3. Sunshine coming out your butt? Yeah, those people are annoying always being like that. I try to be annoying in a variety of ways, so there's only sunshine on Fridays ;-)

    Have to check out your links - that moth dad was hilarious, right? xo

  4. Love your 10 on Tuesday, today I'm not linking up because 2013 sneaked up on my with a terrible flu so I am still trying to catch up with the fact that it's Tuesday again in the new year.

    #6 is definitely my favorite, I also love movies, so let's be bff, pleeeease?!??!?

  5. HA - i usually don't even like talking to people.
    so i just let them ramble and occasionally insert a "right?" "oh, totally" or "of course you deserve that."

  6. I'm so excited for some of my favorite shows coming back on the air, like Elementary. Bit Sherlock Holmes obsessed these days. :) I can't wait for Psych though...February can't come soon enough!

    Those superhero panels are awesome, especially Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks. :)

  7. Haha, I LOVE #6! especially Bill Murray!
    And #2 is so cute and true!
    The New Year resolution cat is awesome too! Lin you rock! Love your posts!

  8. 2. I'm reading The Happiness Project and it talks about not nagging. That chapter really stuck with me and I've been "practicing" for the last few days. (Scott has no idea).
    I mean, what am I doing that's so important that I can't get up and get him a glass of water or something, you know? That's called being a decent human being, in my opinion.

  9. #1 Yay for Modern Family coming back!
    #4 That. Is. Hilarious.
    #6 I love that! Jack Nicholson's is my favorite.
    #8 Aw! Fat cat!
    #10 Oh my. I'm definitely going to check that out.
    I just want you to know I ALWAYS look forward to linking up on Tuesdays with you. =)

  10. Seriously, you are the funniest person ever! I know I always say that but it's no joke.
    OMG I looove that infographic! My favs are the Sigourney Weaver and Tom Hanks ones. Spot on.
    #8 is the reason I really didn't make any resolutions this year.... I am going to "try" to stop eating out so much but so far I've failed. I'm a fatty, can't help it. Plus everything tastes better when I don;t make it. Ha.
    Thanks for telling us about the new blog. It's so hard to talk about that stuff to people, you know?

    Hope you're having an amazing day.
    P.S. I hope I'm not one of those sunshiny people who pisses you off. :)

  11. Haha, I do the same thing with Ryan. I've even bought him presents when I was completely pissed at him. "I think you're an asshole right now, but here's a shirt with Darth Vader on it that I knew you'd love."

  12. Can I just say THANK YOU SO MUCH for linking me sugar!? Seriously!? I mean I really appreciate it, especially the support from other blogs who agree!!

  13. 1. Preach. Sleep is for suckers.
    2. Ugh, so annoying. But I do it too.
    3. Yep. Speaking of which, if anyone knows how to make a custom domain work in blogger, I could use some wisdom.
    4. That's like me and spiders. *shudder*
    5. I do that more than I care to admit.
    6. Where's my necklace?
    7. THIS. This is why I love you.
    8. I didn't make any this year. There's no point in pretending. I think I'm growing up.
    9. I probably would too...
    10. ;)


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