Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I remember the days when I used to have to pluck my eyebrows on a weekly basis or I'd look like Frida. Now I maybe touch them up once every six months or so. Wish I could say the same for my hairy ass legs & annoying lady bits.

2. Heard some of you guys are still having to deal with tons of rain & snow...that sucks. I'm so not jealous. We've had some pretty kick ass weather here in SoCal, think it was about 74 today. CA's taxes & laws may suck but this weather is totally worth it.

3. People who completely peel their banana's before eating them skeeve me out. Why is it necessary to hold a bare naked banana in your hand & shove it in your mouth? It's so very...personal. Go do that shit behind closed doors or keep the peel on. You know, like a normal person.

4. Kid deserves to be let off for this one.

5. Our Vegas trip is 2wks away! I'm uber excited to not only party it up in Sin City but also to spend a few days with my home-slice Em. Even cooler? Katrin's gonna be in town that week too...sweet! Anyone else gonna be in town on 2/10-2/13 & wanna hang out w/us cool kats?

6. Took out the trash from our bathroom last night & Im beyond surprised how many rolls of toilet paper we go through. Seriously, you'd think there were 6 of us.

7. You can bet your sweet ass I'll be heading to the store, buying a big ass carton of vanilla bean ice cream & doing this.

8. Hawaiian Punch single-to-go packets are the best! They're the only things that have gotten me to want to drink water throughout the day. Yes, I'm still 10.

9. Seven years ago today Rusty & I tied the knot. It doesnt feel that long...that's a good thing right? I never thought I could love this dude more than I did back then but I do. Now lets just hope neither of us gets that 7 yr itch :/

10. Now this is a diet I can on board with!

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  1. so Jealous of your weather ...the husband is in Los Angles and rubs it in all the time :( 30 days though and I will be enjoying that weather even if it is only for a few days lol. Have fun on your Vegas trip :)

  2. #3. I totally do that, dunno why I just need to have the whole banana out before eating it or shoving it on my mouth, LOL!

    #6. Same with us, it's just my hubby and me but we do through a lot of TP, although my husband insists that I use way to much, well in my defense I think in that department "more is better".

    Have a great Tuesday!!!

  3. Congratulations! seven years is pretty good. :) also, so wish I was going to be in Vegas.

  4. OK - thank you for that banana observation because it's invasive when it's in my face. vegas - blacked out the entire time i was there. and i'm fist pumping the shit out of the fact that it's supposed to be sixty degrees in wisconsin today. but don't worry - back down to twelve degrees tomorrow.

  5. Ew, why would you want to hold your naked banana? That's gross. Mmm ice cream!

  6. #3. I peel the banana as I eat it. It just feels wrong to pull the whole banana out. I like the foreplay.

    #5. I can only imagine the trouble you girls are going to get into in Vegas. Totally jealous.

    #7. Happy Anniversary! Alfred & I are coming off our 7th and will be 8 in August. Neither one of us have found an itch that we can't get the other to scratch, so there's hope! Also, as we've talked before - blowjobs, sex & food are the way to keep the itching to a minimum.

  7. I love that diet plan, though I doubt that I can keep my teeth of the cupcakes myself:)

  8. Sounds like an awesome diet to me! :)
    And I can't can't can't wait to see you in Las Vegas! So excited!
    Happy anniversary! You guys rock!

    I want to meet up!
    anyone want to fly me out?

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Hope you and Rusty enjoy that pie!

  11. 1. =_= what's your secret? Seriously. So jealous.
    3. People do that?! Isn't it you peel after you've eaten enough?
    4. I wouldn't per say ground but make them understand. I'm all for smart talk but sometimes those words can really hurt more than you know it.

  12. 1. I STILL pluck most every morning. Legs...not to much.
    2. Two weeks ago was when I decided I hate snow.
    3. Oh dear. Could never do that. Too funny looking.
    4. Ha.
    6. I think tiolet paper is one of those things that it's totally ok to use too much of.
    8. I have a hard time drinking water too. Just give me a coke!
    9. Aw! Happy Anniversary!
    10. Best plan ever!

  13. 2. Not that cold in Texas. Yesterday it was about 75 degrees..
    4. I hope my kid is awesome like that #crossmyfingers
    5. I am going to Vegas too!!! but in March :/ otherwise I would join you
    9. Congrats! Been dating mine for 2.5yrs and the love for him grows each and every day (and the hatred for his smelly farts exponentially grows as well)
    10. I like that diet! Im baking cupcakes with tons of frosting TODAY lol

  14. Happy belated anniversary! And there's never an appropriate way to eat a banana, I've decided. So I don't eat them :)


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