Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Thursday: What's In My Purse...

*Sorry for posting this so late but this cold is kicking my ass. Big. Time. Good news is my meds kicked in long enough for me to finish this post. I know, I just totally made your day.*

Hope you guys put your 'fun pants' on today cause there's a lot of fun going on in today's Random Thursday link up...including vlogs from some of my favorite gals!

You ever drive past a house & think "man, what I would give to get a peek inside that place"...? Dont lie, you know you're just as nosy as I am. Truth is I sometimes look a the purses girls are carrying and wonder what exactly their toting around. Do they carry lip gloss they never wear, like I do? How about carrying around a folded up cardigan in case it gets cold?

Whether or not you're a total creeper like I am, you're gonna get a chance to see all the crap I'm hauling around in my purse.

(Stupid thing's tiny. To see what the tiny font says, open photo in a new tab. Sorry about this but I AM sick after-all.)

* * * * * *
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Next weeks topic: If I Found $100 I Would...


  1. I really really enjoy this week's topic. I mean, I always do but it is so exciting to look into your purse! :) Thank you!

  2. I pretty much love that you've got a Southpark sticker in there!

    My purse is just sad. Seriously, I'm too organized and OCD.

  3. I am sooo nosey!!! I really enjoyed seeing what was in your purse :)

    <3 Jamie

  4. :( Hope you feel better soon!! You're making me feel better about all the crap I haul around in my purse, lol

  5. I'm kind of in awe of your packing skills because that seems like SO MUCH to fit in that space. Teach me your ways.

  6. Sorry your not feeling well! Totally loving the strategically placed pens! Way to hide the personal details! Thanks for helping utwith the nuking up thing! Sorry if i troubled you at all! Apparently I can't think straight at 5 am! I even knew you were sick! Geez! Fail on my part!

  7. Hope you're feeling better! Next time, in order not to get sick again you can add one of these face masks that are so popular in Asia (even though they use it out of politeness to not infect others) ;-)

    My purse is a lot smaller, and I switch purses all the time, so anything that is not totally necessary will get the boot. This habit also makes it easier to rationalize my irrational purse-buying to the hubs ;-)

  8. I'm a total snoop, so yeah, I get it! I want to know what everyone is hiding. If you invite me over and I go to the bathroom I'm in there going through all your stuff. You should see some of the crazy shit I find in my grandparents' bathroom. Mardi Gras beads? Really Grandma? Anyway - feel better!

  9. South park sticker? You just stole my heart.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  10. I was going to sign up next week but then all I would do with $100 at this point is put it towards bills/debt. Ugh. So boring, lol.

  11. there's a lot of shit in that bag man. but I love it.
    also. where'd you get that scarf. I want it.
    so much randomness up in here. South Park sticker? and placemat? you're hilarious!
    oh and love that you call in a snot rag haha

  12. We both carry lots of pens and sharpies, is this weird or normal? I like those purcell wipes, it's probably easier to carry those than a whole bottle of sanitizer.

  13. I am SO nosy when it comes to both houses and purses. I might click through all of these links!
    Also, I only have like 6 things in my purse. You make me feel vastly unprepared.


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