Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Thursday: Top 5 Worst TV Shows...

Another week, another fun Random Thursday topic. 

This weeks is...

I watch a shit ton of TV so I know all about the good and the bad shows. Truth is I'll give just about any show a try if it looks semi-interesting. I've found a lot of my new favorites that way, *cough* The Following *cough*. 

But with every one good show there is out there, there's like a dozen in the suckfest pile. Here are my top 5 worst TV show picks:

The title says it all, right? I'm not gonna lie to you peeps, I love this fucking train wreck of a show. Something about watching a bunch of drunk moronic half-naked ghetto bitches beat the shit out of each other that I can't help not watching. 

The Neighbors: A family moves to the burbs only to find out the neighbors (all of them) are aliens? Yeah...I don't fucking thing so.

Not only is this show completely scripted, and not in a good way, but the gold chain sporting owner is a dick with a horrid Chicago accent. I think this was supposed to be the competition for Pawn Stars but they failed miserably.

I tried to like this show. Really really I did. Watched all but one episode of season 1 but couldn't get over the cheesy lines, canned laughter and Whitney's annoying fucking face. Honestly, I'm surprised it's still around.

Can anyone say, cheap imitation of Married with Children? I dont know what was worse, the slutty ass daughter, the crazy ass dick of a dad or the talking bunny in the basement. Yeah, a fucking talking bunny. *eye roll*

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Join us and link up; Tell us about some of the stupidest/lamest shows you've ever seen on TV. It's almost Friday, I need entertainment.


  1. I absolutely cannot stand Whitney. I didn't even make it through one episode. She's not funny at all. Everything she says annoys me.

  2. We made it through a couple of episodes of Whitney. I just think the whole premise is dumb and the supporting cast is awful. (I mean it could never be as bad as Chelsea Handler's attempt at a sitcom...)

  3. I have to say that I don't even know the first 4 shows but I watched the last one a couple of times. :)

  4. I've not heard of any of those shows. LOL

  5. Whitney is the worst of the worst. How did this show get renewed and other great shows get cancelled. The show is beyond obnoxious. ugh!

  6. The Neighbors is terrible and I wish it would get cancelled. But there are sometimes some REALLY funny bits of dialog. Not enough to redeem it, though.

  7. I like Whitney. In a "is this episode over yet" kind of way. Most of it's pretty terrible, but then every once in a while you're laughing out loud.

    Also. Unhappily Every After was terrible.

  8. Whitney is hilarious and you are crazy!
    haha jk. I agree with the rest but I have to stick up for that show. I chuckle.
    it's super weird but I haven't seen any of the rest of them...

  9. Haha, those reality shows about pawns and locked storage sheds and antiques...they're awful. All of them.

  10. The only one of these I've watched was Whitney - I found it perfect for those nights when I felt truly miserable and it was either that bang my head against a wall. Yeah, I'm gonna avoid the rest.

  11. I've never heard of these shows...it's probably because they are really that bad...

  12. Dude, seriously, how the balls is Whitney not cancelled yet? I suffered through two episodes and I've needed a therapist ever since. Whenever I see a commercial for that show I get angry for all the good shows that got cancelled while that one gets to live on. I need to go take a pill now.

  13. Haha, I love Whitney! It's not exactly cutting edge stuff but her ridiculousness reminds me of myself (not sure if that's a good thing! haha). If you want something truly terrible you should check out The Secret Life of the American Teenager on Netflix. It's my guilty pleasure.

    1. Kim, it sounds like you either work for Whitney or are friends with her. Her show is indefensibly unwatchable. I've never cringed so much during 30 minutes of television. Horrible acting, wretched writing and hands down the worst comedic timing. The people behind this show are fucking phoning it in and it shows. Whitney is an utterly offensive program.


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