Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thursday: Music I Never Get Tired Of...

Can you believe it's the first week of 2013 already? Get ready to blink & hear that Christmas is right around the corner again. Ugh. Never mind. I just made myself sick by saying that. Sorry.

So, it's Thursday & time for some random fun. But before that I want to thank you guys for sticking around and having some fun with us every week. You guys rock! Also, the New Year is bringing a new change to RT. That's right, sadly one of our lovely co-hosts is leaving us this week, but don't freak out cause someone pretty damn awesome is joining the team.

Hint: If I had a weenis I'd totally try getting with her. Sorry, that hint sucked, here's a better one...her name rhymes with Peaghan.*

I listen to all kinds of music, seriously, ALL kinds.  But when having to pick my favorite songs they tend to be mostly from the 80s & 90s. So if you're not a fan of these generations then you're pretty much fucked & should just skip this post.  

This song came out when I was like 9 years old but it totally reminds me of the days when I'd skip class my freshman year & hang out in the courtyard while listening to music on my kick ass walk-man. Yeah, I was awesome.

I was 14 & infatuated beyond belief with Jakob Dylon and those stunning blue eyes of his. They played this song at a school dance the year it came out & I can remember I standing in the corner of the gym in my skirt & dr martins, just swaying to it like he was singing to me. Haha, yeah I was a dork.

I dont care how old you are, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are fucking epic. This band was introduced to me by my uncle, who at the time was in a poser-like 90s style rock band. At least they had good taste in music, right?

80's Madonna was the best Madonna. That is all.

* * * * * *

You on music overload yet? I hope not cause now it's your turn to share some of the music you never get tired of listening to. Come on, give us something to jam to.

Next weeks topic: Items I Often Hoard... 

*go say hello to next weeks new co-host!


  1. No idea who the first two are - probably never ventured across the pond. But I totally agree with you on the second two; 80s Madonna was hot, 90s Madonna luke warm, and 00s Madonna... no thanks. I'd have to add 80s Michael Jackson to the list - my babysitter always made me the coolest mixtapes, and Michael was always on it. It still have them somewhere (they're cassettes... and they're neon - I'm not kidding you!)

  2. I love the Madonna song! So good. 80's Madonna is the best - and I wasn't even alive then!

    Thanks so much for asking me to cohost Random Thursday for so long! I have enjoyed every second of it and I am so sad to go. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with over the next few months!!

  3. OMG OMG. when my musical love jives with another's i get so inexplicably happy.

  4. Why are we the same person? I don't know, but I fucking love it. Yes, yes, YES, on all your choices. When you said Doc Martins, I laughed out loud because dude, those were totally the shoes to have.
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - love.
    I'm with you, most of my song choices are going to be 90s because that's when I grew up as a teenager.

  5. great picks! and tho i never had the typical doc martens, i did have a pair of the ones that looked like strawberry shortcake shoes! Truth: i just got rid of them! Love that you wore yours with a skirt while listening to the wallflowers!!! AWESOME! Totally junior high!


  6. I love One Headlight! When I was a teenager I really had a thing for melancholy music, so I loved Jakob Dylan. And I'm bummed to see Sarah go :( but good luck to her with her ventures and I can't wait to link up with Meaghan each week! <3

  7. "Her name rhymes with Peaghan." Bwaaaahahahaha fabulous.

    One Headlight was definitely a favorite of mine in high school. I distinctly remember my friend putting it on a mix CD for me and I have loved it since. Good choices!

  8. LOVELOVELOVE this topic and these songs. Excited to hop around and hear some music! :)

  9. I love the Blind Melon song too...and the Wallflowers haha!

  10. love your taste! blind melon, rhcp, wallflowers...love them all!


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