Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Thursday: If I Found $100 I Would...

I think the most I ever found on the street was like $5 and I was beyond excited then, can't even imagine how stoked I'd be to find a hundred buckeroos.

Hope you'll join us & share what you'd do if you just happened to 'find' some extra cash.

As much as I'd like to say I'd head straight to the PD & turn it in as lost, I'm not cause that'd be a straight up fucking lie. The truth is I'd briefly glance around to make sure someone's not frantically checking their pockets or purse and if they're not then I'd pocket the sucker. 

Selfish? Oh yeah but times are tough so whatever.

With that extra moola I'd probably go on a little shopping spree for myself or go out to dinner...you know, if I didn't need it for gas or a bill, of course. Responsibilities first. 

Spendy McSpenderson

* * * * *

Now it's your turn. Write a fun & entertaining (very important) post and then link up below so we can check it out. If you're feeling ballsy you can always vlog your post & show off that pretty face ;)

Next weeks topic: Top 5 Worst TV Shows...


  1. Well maybe is somone plays nice while visting there MIL tomorrow, maybe the sexy husband fairy will leave movie tickets and a gift card to Red Lobster... or as your people say La Langosta Roja...
    Rosetta Stone....

  2. found you through The Book of Meghan, and am a new follower. 10 on Tuesday and Random Thursday sound like such fun link-ups!

  3. Well, your post has worked with Rusty, so that's probably better than finding 100$ in the street... even though there IS a catch ;-)

    That bedding is pretty! =)

  4. Oh...man...an extra $100 would be awesome.Love your picks!

  5. hi. I think I may try to steal rusty from you based solely on his comment.
    glad to know I'm not the only one who would immediately jam that dolla bill in my pocket.

  6. haha...I love that Rusty commented & what his comment says. I guess you better be good. : )

    I found $100 on the beach when I was about 14-15 and I took my parents and my little Brother out for dinner. It pretty much killed the $100; but I was happy with it. If I found $100 now I would probably just drop it in the bank to go with my funds. That or buy a Clarisonic Mia.


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