Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Word around the blog-o-sphere is that today was going to be a 'day of silence' in memory of the tragic happening in CT. However, I tend to run against the grain so there's no silence here. Instead I'm reminding you guys to hold your loved one's closer & cherish every moment like it was your last.

2.  Want to send the CT victims/families your condolences? The USPS has set up a special PO Box for that: PO Box 3700, Newton, CT 06470 & if you want to donate money go here or here.

3. Why in the world did they get an ex-football player to co-host the morning show with Kelly Ripa? She's annoying but he adds a lot of awkwardness with his no sense of humor. And, how can anyone do anything but stare at his giant gap-tooth? I've never watched the show, but if I did, I'd stop.

4. Yes, that would hilarious & so awesome!

5. I was driving home the other day & saw this really fat weenie dog being walked. No big thing, fat dog, whatever. But this pup was so rotund that his belly was actually dragging on the floor, it was sad. I wanted to go up to that owner & slap his fat face for doing that to his dog.

6. Rusty & I watched The Hobbit over the weekend & lets just say that it was good but my ass fell asleep twice while watching it. It's long yo.

7.  I'm going to say this one more time: Guns don't kill people, fucking crazy ass morons with guns kill people. Rusty & I have guns and you're sure as hell not gonna find us misusing them or hurting someone with them.

8. Poor dude. Having toothpick skinny legs is as bad as having a toothpick dong. Ain't no girl gonna take you seriously.

9. Cannot wait til Christmas! As much as I love giving gifts, getting them is so much fucking better. Rusty got me a few things off my Amazon wishlist & I'm dying to find out exactly what he chose. Bring on the gifts!

10.  Ha! Fuck, that had to hurt.

* * * * * *

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  1. That final video is hilarious! And I think all powers companies sound switch off!

  2. Hello there, liking back to you today, I am not much for words today so I have posted my 10 on Tuesday with my favorites photos of the year (taken by me!).

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Oh was the day of silence supposed to be today?? Oops! I do care, but I think doing something "passive" like blogging isn't gonna help. Donating or reaching out to the families would be a better use of energy. Anyways...

    LOL at your post today! I would totally freak out if the power was off on 12.21! Funny too. Oh jeez, I feel bad for that dog! I haven't seen the Hobbit yet, but I want to. Ahhh, why would they even do that? The oven door is right there!

  4. 1. If you're link is still up tomorrow I'll be linking up then!
    7. Amen.
    10. She deserved it.

  5. It would be fun if the power would be turned of on Friday:) And ouch that last one has got to hurt! That is what you get for showing off...

  6. #10 Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch! Can I say that one more time? Poor girl - but even poorer dog!

    #8 Might be right, but he can hide those toothpick legs in some nice pants.

    #3 Laugh at me all you want, but that gap-tooth is cute. No idea who that guy is, if you find him boring, I'd probably do that too. But I have a thing for distinguishing features (maybe not for toothpick legs, though).

    Don't know how you always come up with that much hilariousness, but girl, you rock! =)

  7. I feel so bad for that dog!
    Day of silence? I haven`t heard about that. So sorry. I just posted my Ten On Tuesday. :(

  8. #1 and #7: thank you. Scott bought me a wallet and a watch but he just buys them and wear my gifts home from the store. Yay for husbands like yours who surprise you. Hope you get that Keurig!

  9. #7. I'm a gun-toting redneck and I would never hurt someone. I have every intention of teaching Lillie how to handle a gun - with caution & care. And in the meantime, I'm going to shoot every motherfucking dove I can. Because that's how this Texan rolls.

    #8. I died laughing seeing that picture, then resurrected myself just so I could die laughing again. I'm kind of like Jesus in that way.


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