Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

10onTues cohosted

1. Did you guys notice there's something different on the 10 on Tuesday button? That's right, Amber is now co-hosting this awesome Tuesday shindig with me. Hope you guys will show her the same love you've shown me.

2. Nothing pisses me off more than a Starbucks barista gypping me on the amount of whipped cream on my Frapp. The drinks good & all but the whipped cream's the best damn part.

3. I'm sure there are tons of people saying this about this here fabulous blog. Doesn't matter though, I still love ya! And just for the record, at least 3 people really give a crap.

4. There's a line between classy and whore-ish. It's not a fine line, it's actually quiet thick, so why the fuck are women constantly crossing it in hopes of looking like the latter? Here's a bit of advice: lift your arms above your head, if your beaver makes an appearance then you look like a whore. Go change.

4. Sometimes you just can't sugar coat things.

5. Am I the only one that remembers all women having at least 4 (dress) slips in their underwear drawer back in the day? My mom & grams used to have a ton of them, in every color. Of course, it's my luck that the one time I need one, no one fucking has one or sells them. Bullshit.

6. I need a hair cut. My ends feel like dry hay.

7. Rusty asked me to get a list together of all the things I'd want for Christmas. As of right now it mostly consists of shoes. I'm shallow.

8. Word. I type out some pretty random, sarcastic & snarky comments which 98% of the time I delete cause I know it'll be taken the wrong way. Get a darker sense of humor guys so I can leave my original comments. Thanks!

9. Rusty & I went to see Red Dawn over the weekend. It was good. Til we got to the end. My advice to those of you who plan on seeing it, get your ass up & leave the theater once the two brothers have their heart to heart. For reals, that movie goes down hill quick after that scene.

10. Doing the best with what she's got. Dirty girl.

* * * * *

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  1. Dude, I have to hold back the snarky ass face comments most of the time. Most people would be offended Haha

  2. you are hilarious! thanks for making me laugh on this shitty day in Boston!

  3. I am here today, linking up with you, although my random 10 are not nearly as funny as yours... would love to read your actual comments, dark humor and all!

  4. Numbers 3 and 4 made me laugh out loud, thank you for that.

  5. 2. Oh yeah, there is something worse. When they hand you the cup covered in syrup!

    6. I did too, until last week- when I gave myself a haircut. Surprisingly enough it didnt turn out too bad.

    7. LOL! My husband knows better than to ask.

  6. 4. I said the same thing a couple of weeks ago! Just not so eloquently. =)
    9. We almost saw that Sunday night! Duly noted. I really want to see the original with Patrick Swayze!

  7. I hate when I don't get enough whipped cream or syrup in my Starbucks drinks. If i'm shelling out $$ they better make me a damn good drink. My mom has I bunch of slips. I had to get one a few years ago and I couldn't find any in stores! LOL at 10.

  8. I totally get you with the sarcastic, snarky comments. I really have to edit myself sometimes and I see women jumping over that line EVERY.DAY!

  9. I really really really need a hair cut too. I feel so ugly, I just can't believe it. Plus my hair is totally damaged, it is embarrassing!

  10. You are hilarious! I love it. Pretty sure that my real Christmas list only consists of shoes too....shoes are practical gifts to have! Especially if they keep you looking like a classy lady and not a street walker...just saying (:

    Have a great day!

  11. You can often finds slips really cheap at the thrift store. I just wash them in hot first and they are good to go!

  12. Please never censor yourself on my blog. I fucking love your comments.

    Unless you tell me something as ridiculous as my kid looking ugly, but really, how can that happen? I mean, look at her. She's amazeballs.

  13. I'm so glad that you said I looked gorgeous rather than whore-ish like in #4. I did kinda feel like that for the first few minutes, and then I was all like, fuck it I'm hot!

  14. #1Unfortunately I couldn't watch the video, it is blocked for our country. Hrrmpf!

    #4Ha ha! Yeah, that's the kind of hands-on life advice people keep looking for in blogs ;-)

    #5 I own one. Does that make me cool or horribly old-fashioned? ;-)

    #7 And if you wrote "Love, attention, world peace" Rusty would have thought you'd been brain washed. Better shoes than a confused husband! ;-) PS The only reason that shoes aren't on my wishlist is because I would not trust any man to choose the right ones!


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