Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sharing The Awesomely Funny...

I was originally going to blog about relationships or shopping or some other bullshit but in all reality that can wait. It's not like this blog's going anywhere, right?

So instead of doing all that, I will share a 2 tidbits of awesome.

You can thank me later.

Tidbit #1
The fabulous Sar put together this rad video of bloggers singing along to 'N Sync's 'Happy Holidays'. I'm not hating on any one in the video (they were all fucking awesome!) but I will say my favorite parts are when Leah's getting her dance on with her cutie patutie son, Meg's singing in front of her ginormous tree, Sarah's showing off her artistic talents, and Meghan's using her candy cane as a mic. Watch it guys, it'll instantly make you smile.

Tidbit #2
Watch this show. For real yo. I must have been living on a different planet or some shit to not have realized how funny It's Always Funny In Philadelphia was. I've been watching it at work & have so laughed out loud tons of times, spitting out my soda in the process, and getting a lot of strange looks. Damn looky-loos.

Also, there's even been an inkling of sexual attraction happening whenever I see Charlie Day. This is pretty damn strange since I like my dudes tall & burly, not so much on the short & high pitched voice side. 

Stupid vagina, its thinking like a dong. *

*you know, cause dongs don't think. They basically get excited over anything with a vajay-jay.


  1. omg i love love love charlie too! i dont know what it is... just love him!

  2. awww yay! thanks so much! yes Gav and I had a blast! I was like "we're doing this one time so make it good" LOL!

  3. I looove Sunny. Somehow I've missed a lot of the current and last seasons, but it is hilarious. Sounds like I just found a new project for winter break!

  4. I hadn't seen that blogger video! How cute!!

  5. thanks for the shoutout!!! the video is hilarious!

  6. i love It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. and charlie!

    check out this post and let me know which charity i should donate to this month... i will donate $1 for your comment! http://growninsouthernground.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/comments-for-a-cause-2/

  7. I started watching It's Always Sunny a few years ago at work and fucking hilarious. I also TOTALLY know what you mean about Charlie. I'm all about tall & burly men (Hi Husband) but there's something about him that just makes me want to jump his bones.

    We must have the same vagina.

    And the blogger video - amazeballs! I had planned on contributing but then I went to Vegas and forgot my sanity.

  8. I really need to catch up on It's always sunny in Philadelphia!


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