Thursday, December 27, 2012

Random Thursday: New Year's Plans & Hopes...

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, got a ton of stuff you actually wanted & very little that you have to go wait in line to return. With the holiday & all, this week kind of flew right by for me, hence why this post isnt going up until Thursday morning...oops. 

So, you guys ready for the New Year? Yeah, me either.

For the last two years Rusty & I have forced ourselves to go out for NYE in hopes that if we rang in the NY out & dressed up we wouldnt spend the upcoming year at home & in pj's. Well, so far that's been a bust.

So this year we're skipping the whole going out process & ringing in the NY at home, in our pj's, watching re-runs of our favorite movies/tv shows. If Rusty's lucky I'll even slap on a bit of lip gloss for him but that's as fancy as it's getting this year. Keeping it classy up in here.

As for my hopes for the upcoming new year, they're pretty much the same as the last (except for the last):

Spend less, save more. Seriously, I can blow through $300 in a few hours like no one's business. I rack serious disoprine.

Stop dressing so frumpy all the time. I'm definitely the girl that dresses for comfort, not for fashion, but sometimes you just gotta suck it up to look good.

Stop eating out so often. It's no secret that I'm lazy as hell so cooking & prepping meals for the next day is something I've never done but need to start doing. Eating out for lunch everyday is really damn expensive.

Start picking up after myself more often. The fact that I leave the house before the suns up & get back after the suns down doesn't give me the right to be a slob. A week ago our bedroom was spotless, this week it's like it was hit by a hurricane. I'd hire a maid but then that'd mess with my plans to spend less, save more...ugh.


Nope, there's nothing baking in this oven.Yet. I turn 30 in February & my brains got nothing on it but baby. For real, I dont even know who I am anymore. So it looks like 2013 is the the year we actually start tossing out the ol' jimmys & giving this whole baby making thing a real try. Maybe. I mean, 2013 is technically 365 days long, so, yeah.
* * * * *

Hope you'll join us & share what you're doing this NYE/NY and what you hope 2013 brings you.

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  1. We might actually go out to eat for New Years because we have no kids since Matt's parents are taking them and so yeah. I feel like I'm obligated to do something and maybe put out or something. No BJ's though, it's not a birthday or anything.

  2. GIRL - i don't think there's anything better than getting wasty-drunk at home on new years. no driving, no DUIs, no bullshit.

    that's my kind of time.

  3. I need to get on board with the spend less save more. That is something we haven't been so good about this year...hoping next year is much better!

  4. The cleaning up after yourself thing...I need to do that too. It's such a balance and I'm really bad at falling asleep on the couch at night and leaving a giant mess in the kitchen.
    I'm also incredibly frumpy (I only post outfits when I have my act together). Scott's t-shirts, a sweatshirt, and sweatpants are what I wear most days.
    Here's to goals! Good luck :)

  5. We plan on spending NYE inside, as well. For being only 28, man I sure feel old sometimes. Ha!

  6. Love your goals! Pretty much the same here, except of getting pregnant! But that sounds exiting! Woohoo!
    And thanks again for the Starbucks gift card, dear! Sooo happy! :)) Thank you!

  7. Good luck with your New Years Resolutions!

  8. Totally with you on all of those. Except that last one, I mean you read my tweets right? No more crazy kids for me, but I am totally cheering for you guys!
    Im sad that I missed this weeks Random Thursday because this one is awesome! Maybe if the kids leave me alone long enough I will get a chance to catch up and post one.

  9. I could definitely spend less and save more as well as dress better, but that requires shopping for better clothes and totally contradicts the spend less/save more thing. Ha!

  10. At least if you're home for NYE you can get started on the baby makin' :-)

  11. I hope you can keep all your resolutions! I really need to work on some of those too! I have the whole "get in shape" goal most people start the New Year with, but I really really want to make it happen this year. hah


  12. Oh yeah, cleaning up after myself is something I could be better at. I am so super proud when the house looks spotless, but after only one week, all the crap is piling up on the chairs and in the corners.

    We'll join you in the ranks of the party poopers for NYE, but not wearing pjs. So much more comfortable than heading out in the cold, and someone having to drive and all that!

  13. I have been on Pinterest too much and now I want a clean and clutter-free home. I want it to look like it's out of a magazine. Wishful thinking huh?

    Buying lunch everyday gets expensive. I envy my coworkers that bring their lunch. I must learn how to make my lunch. This will help me save some money.

    I will be home with the husband tonight for NYE. We bought lots of alcohol and food and will get dressed up to party it on our own into the new year. Guarantee we will be asleep by 10 pm.


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