Thursday, December 13, 2012

Random Thursday: My Christmas Wishlist...

It's Random Thursday time again, woot! This time around we're sharing all the awesome crap that's on our wishlist.

*fingers crossed* that we get everything or at least 80% of it.

It took me about 2 days to put this little list together. Really that's nothing since Rusty's been asking me to get a wishlist together for him for months. I suppose this post kinda takes care of that though. Double win!

This year there isn't much I'm really wanting. Well, not really. No expensive electronics or diamonds for this girl. Not now anyway. So here's what made the list.

christmas wishlist

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1-3: No, I dont have kids. This gift is totally for me, goofballs. Not ashamed to admit it either cause these movies are hilarious. I think it's also appealing cause I can totally picture myself being that mom.
2. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia seasons 1-5: See yesterdays post about me wanting to jump Charlie Day's bones.
3. Pajamas: Found this one on the Forever21 website & really loved it. Sexy pj's? Yeah, not after 10 yrs of being together. Rusty gets this comfy stuff & has learned to love it.
4. Black flats: Can't have enough black flats. Seriously. I love them.
5. Leopard flats: I've always wanted a sassy pair of flats. These really fit the bill without looking ghetto or skanky.
6. B&N Gift Card: Doesn't have to be much, I'll take $15. Sometimes the bank account's empty & I'm in need of a good book...that's where this gc comes in to save the day.
7. The Hunger Games trilogy: Loved the books & even though I have them on the Nook it's just not the same as having them in hardback.
8. Straight Leg Jeans: These are from Old Navy, their Diva fit jeans & are the only jeans that have fit right in all the right places. Gotta make sure I hoard these fuckers before they go out of stock.
9. Black Slim Fit Jeans: Since I can only wear black jeans to work, I need a these. The current pair I'm wearing are on their last leg I think :/

Not too much to ask for, right? Actually, I'm almost positive they dont even all add up to over $150. Chump change. So...who wants to buy me some of it?

* * * * * *

Alright, you're up. Share the items that are on your Christmas Wishlist this year. Really, we're curious and maybe you can even give me some new stuff to add to my list.

Next weeks topic: All Things Christmas... 


  1. Wow, Lin, that is a really specific (and doable list) - love all those things!

    I'm all linked up:)

    Have a great day!

  2. I hear ya on the B&N gift card. Nookster was a bit bare until my mom sent me the number to her gift card because she doesn't have a Nook anymore. I love your list!

  3. I told everyone that I wanted just gift cards this year and my mom was all like "nonsense! You're easy to shop for" which is why I got all cooking supplies last year. Cause you know, I "love" to cook Haha

  4. I have the cheetah print flats and they're fab. You'll love them if you get them! And I second you on the BNGC--I can never have enough of these gift cards!

  5. I don't have an e-reader, but am hoping maybe the husband will surprise me for Christmas. But, I am with you - sometimes you have to have the feel of book in your hand to truly appreciate it. I'm also one of those weirdos that smells books.

    And we've talked about the Diva jeans (oh, these lovely child-bearing hips!) but I found a really cute pair of black jeans from Target. My husband compliments me every time I wear them and he *hates* skinny jeans.

  6. Haha that's ok to like kids' stuff.

  7. So totally loving that shoes are a major part of your list! Also loving that pajamas made the list! Great ideas! And you are right, there's nothin wrong with a good gift card! Thanks for the link up!

    - Simone

  8. I love pajamas so much! So comfortable to wear!
    And gift cards for book store are amazing! I love spending time at the stores picking out books!

  9. A great list! I struggled to come up with a list this year, but feel as though you could have taken this straight from my head. Perfectly simple and practical.

  10. I need to bust out my leopard flats! You reminded me how cute they are :)

  11. Nice list! most of the things I would want aren't that expensive either. bookstore gift cards are amazing. I've read the first Wimpy Kid and I own the movie, so no shame there :)


  12. fucking love hunger games. best books ever.
    I think that if I was chosen to go into the arena I would instantly turtle as soon as the bell thing rings and just sit in there and cry until I died.
    haha this comment escalated too quick!

  13. It's not about choosing expensive things, but about choosing the right things! And I think you're on the right track there! Love those leopard flats, they could come live with me, too! And I definitely need some cute black jeans. The problem is, I am way too lazy for jeans shopping. All that putting them on, taking them off, putting them on again... too exhausting!

  14. I have missed out on a couple of Random Thursdays. It's just been so busy for me leading up to the holidays and now I am leaving for vacation tomorrow.

    You have a great wishlist here. If I knew where my Hunger Games books were, I would send them over to you. Sadly, I lent them out to a bunch of boys (my hubby's friends) and of course, they were never returned.

  15. Do you get your black jeans at Old Navy? I have a pair from JCP but I freak out when my jeans are too tight so I buy them big and now they're kinda stretched out.
    I want some Toms, but there's really no point because I can't wear them in Alaska anyway unless I want cold feet. I'd also like a Longchamp bag, but I think that'll be for my birthday in January.


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