Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Thursday: Bizarre Food Combos...

It's been one helluva week but finally it's (almost) over & it's time for a bit of Random Thursday fun!

This weeks topic:

Truth be told the things I eat aren't really all that bizarre compared to some of the things I've seen people eat.  *cough* fried bugs *cough*

I don't eat ranch dressing with my pizza cause that's just straight up wrong, and there's no way you'll ever catch me eating peanut butter with celery because the only thing that should ever be paired up with PB is delicious sugary jelly. Word.

But I do eat:

Red Lobster biscuits & pina colada dipping sauce

sauteed cactus, garlic, onion and tomato
Could be worse, right?

* * * * * * *

Now it's your turn to share the crazy food you like to pair up. I swear we'll only laugh a little, but we'll make up for it by leaving lots of comment love.

Next weeks topic: My Christmas Wishlist...


  1. I'm still a bit weirded out by the cactus, but that's probably a regional thing. With me, my big eating sin is a special kind of hot sauce that is totally delicious and goes with sandwiches or left-over pizza or probably anything, at least if you ask me! ;-)

  2. I actually LOVE ranch dressing with pizza, lol :P

  3. Lin...eggs and ketchup. Wow. But don't worry I won't judge you.

    But I'm all OVER the popcorn and nacho cheese dip. Must.Try.Soon!

  4. I eat ketchup on my scrambled eggs too!

    One combination I love is cool ranch doritos with sour cream.

  5. Red Lobster biscuits and pina colada? That sounds interesting. I like to dip my Olive Garden breadsticks in my coke. LOL

  6. ...I didn't even know people eat cactus.

  7. I ALWAYS put ketchup on my scrambled egg sandwich!

  8. I totally love cactus or Nopal as they call it in Mexico, when I live in the Yucatan Peninsula for 3 years I used to eat lots of Nopal and Nopal tacos, yummy!

  9. I'm sensing a pattern with the Tostitos cheese dip! :D I'd probably be guilty of the biscuits and pina colada sauce too. Haven't tried it, but now that you post the idea, I think I need to!

  10. I forgot about ranch with my pizza!
    annnnd sautéed cactus... is it sad I didn't know cactus was edible?
    I like my cheesies with onion dip!

  11. I have never tried sauteed cactus! That sounds very interesting! I would never combine it with onions though. Brr, onions....:)

  12. Buttered popcorn and melted cheese is delish!!!
    I'm one of those crazy people that eat pizza and ranch as well as PB and celery...I know, I know...it's wrong, but delicious!!!!
    I knew you'd be one of the crazies that put ketchup in their eggs!

  13. Lol you like your nacho cheese!

    OK my weird thing would be white rice with Italian dressing.


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