Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday's Are Weekend Recovery Days, Right?

It's funny how you know it's coming but when it finally shows up you're not prepared for it. No, not a storm or apocalypse or even aunt flow, although she is a raving bitch. I'm talking about Monday.

Fucking Monday.

This weekend was pretty laid back. To sum it all up; I said my final goodbye to my grams, wore a dress & high heels to a Christmas party, went on a crazy rampage trying to find my face powder & one of Rusty's dress shoes, finished some of my Holiday Swap package shopping (yes, that shit still hasnt been sent. I swear I'm the worst host evah.), boozed it up a bit on Saturday & Sunday, and I once again contemplated calling in 'sick' to work today, which I opted against. See, I can act like an adult. Sometimes.

So yeah, today's totally being used as a catch up on blog reading/commenting/getting blog shit in order again day. Just don't tell the boss lady cause I kinda like getting paid to read all your ramblings.

Now someone please bring me some really strong fucking coffee before I pass out on my keyboard.


  1. Girl, it was raining and nasty this morning and it took everything I had not to call in. And we had a busy weekend too. Feels like I didn't even have one. Ah..Monday...

  2. Good to have you back - yeah, Mondays tend to sneak up on me too. I don't know why they always have to be so horrible. How about a Monday when everyone is nice, no one wants anything from you before 10 am, there's free cake at work and the weather is fabulous? Haven't had one of those Mondays lately? Well, me neither.

  3. true story.
    ppl all the time ask me as a single mom with a full time job how I have time to blog and plan intricate elf on the shelf hiding places, etc. to that I say "What do you think I do at work all day?" ;)

  4. I feel the same. I also contemplated calling it a sick day, but I told myself if I work hard I wil just enjoy the last few days before vacation. Hah, it's ok as long as you still send and don't flake.

  5. LOL the picture cracked me up.. thanks for the laugh..

  6. I can't survive without coffee. And you are awesome.


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