Monday, December 17, 2012

I Had Money, Once. I Think It Was Friday.

You know that thing happens when you have so many ideas going through your head & then when you finally sit your ass down at the computer it all goes away? Yeah, that just happened.

Im not even 30 yet (nope, still have a few precious months) & I'm already losing my damn memory.

So, this weekend was a total win in the awesome book of Lin. This girl got all  her Christmas shopping done (well, technically I still need one more but whatevs), woohoo! Those of you cool people who've been done for the last few weeks are probably laughing your ass off at me but the sad truth is that this is actually really fantastic news since last year I didnt get all of it done til Christmas Eve. Procrastinator much? Most definitely.

The only bad news? I started the weekend off with $1000 & now I have maybe $120. Maybe.

Yeah, it hurts me too.

To make moola matters worse, Rusty & I promised the MIL (who's currently in town for the next 3 months) that we'd drive up to her 500-miles-away-hometown with her this weekend to visit Rusty's sister & kids. So, now I kinda need to find a way way to poop out gold in order to pay for gas, food, and a hotel stay. Ugh, this is what I get for going 'Pretty Woman' style shopping crazy.

Anyone interested in sending me an early monetary Christmas gift?

Just kidding. I know you all are some broke ass fools, just like me.

I need ubber rich friends.


  1. Oh no, that sucks! Couldn't you just invite yourself to sleep on the couch or something like that? Hope your digestion finds a way to solve your problem ;-)

  2. I know how you feel ...(oh im four months away form 30 too ) winter is the slow time for hubby so no overtime :( so not much after bills and oh so fun doctor visits for hubby. we didnt even do gifts for each other this year let alone go visit family

  3. "Pretty Woman" style shopping, LOL! That made me laugh... just remember, first you need a sugar daddy for that kind of shopping spree!

    Your check is in the mail, but pls be patient it could take a while from the Caribbean, sorry!

  4. That's a bummer about the trip...traveling really can suck up money! Great job on getting almost all of your shopping finished, though. I have most of it done myself, so I'm pretty excited!

  5. Damn, you have $120 I have $3 and a few pennies. I think. It SUCKS. In times like this, you need to listen to Manchester Orchestra's "100 Dollars". Trust me.

  6. ugh i hate being a broke ass fool

  7. The damn money....know what you mean!


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