Wednesday, December 26, 2012

500 Miles...

I was super down about having to be at work this morning after having 5 days off (insert laugh here), but then this song came on Pandora & all was right again.

Yeah, try not singing along or moving your shoulders to this shit. You can't. Or at least I can't. Really, I'm still doing it.

Also, Benny & Joon forever, bitches!

Moving on, as I mentioned above, I had 5 days off work but during those days I managed to drive 500 something miles (one way) to visit Rusty's family, spend more than 18 hours in the car/on the road with aunt flow & a MIL in tow, spend way more money than I have, attend a family Christmas party the night after getting back into town, and help said MIL move into her temporary apartment.

Lets just say that if I'd have worked, it would have been easier.

Now it's time to get back into the swing of things, aka: not spending shit tons of money on random gifts. This Friday's payday & I hope to start adding to our pathetic savings account, which currently holds a whopping $5.

I know, impressive.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas & were spoiled rotten with fabulous gifts!

(If you're wondering: I got a classic Keurig, season 1-5 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 & 2, and The Hunger Games trilogy hardback books.)


  1. The worst part about Christmas is realizing I no longer have justification to spend outrageous amounts of money every weekend. It's really a terrible thing for a shopaholic.

  2. Ugh that's the worst part of the holidays, spending so much time with family lol. And how dare that bitch Aunt Flo from Redlands show up and make things worse!

  3. I'm not sure if I told you this, but I used to be next door neighbours with a family who - when they lived in Scotland - were neighbours and friends with The Proclaimers. I'm pretty sure that makes me almost famous.
    I got a Keurig too - only the coffee it came with is MUCH too strong. xo

  4. Argh! Oh no, that sucks! I hope everyone behaved! ;-) I have my roadtrip to the rest of the family still ahead of me, and getting a cool song on the radio is always what saves the day (in my opinion, bringing it on CD or MP3 is cheating, though - I believe in the magic of being surprised by it!).

    Just imagine your boss reading this post - it would be the best Christmas present to them, don't you think? Ha ha!

  5. Oh wow, that sounds pretty hectic! But glad you got so many wonderful presents! :)
    And I totally sang that song in a karaoke bar once!

  6. Looks like you got what you wanted for Christmas. That's awesome that you got your own Keurig. I have resorted to buying a single serve coffee maker for my desk that was only $10.

    Have fun reading The Hunger Games. Please tell me that you are reading the first book before watching the movie.


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