Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. We're all probably over hearing what everyone did on Thanksgiving so I'll leave it at this: I did enough cooking to never ever want to cook anything again for the next three years.

2. I managed to bring myself out of my turkey & ham/food coma long enough to finally watch the movie 'Love Actually' & I gotta say, I'm disappointing in you guys for not pushing this fantastic movie on me more. I now know why you guys fucking love it so much. However, the que card scene has got nothin' on Hugh Grant's dance moves.

3. Our Vegas hotel room has officially been booked for February. It's official, I'm finally going to physically meet my interweb bff, Em. It's hard to imagine she's more than a computer or telephone screen. Hopefully she's not a dude though. But if she is, hopefully she's a HOT dude.

4. Speaking of friendships, this is totally what 90% of mine are based on. Yes, we're awesome.
5. Yeah, I wouldn't fuck with it. Especially after reading #3.

--------- These next 5 will be random questions Em sent to me & I was supposed to post over the weekend but was super lazy & never got around to --------

6. Five things I would eat for the rest of my life: Pizza, really amazing steak, spaghetti w/meat sauce, pineapple, bananas.

7. The most irresponsible thing I did recently was: Spend part of our rent money to go shopping on Black Friday. Yeah, I'm totally regretting that shit now.

8. Last time I was drunk: I cant actually remember but I'm almost positive I was more like this & less skanky dancer->

9. If you could read my mind right now, you might be surprised to discover that: I'm actually thinking about how bad I need to lady-scape. It's like I've been living in the amazon...yikes.

10. The best song in the world to cut loose & dance embarrassingly to is: This song, hand down ->

Yeah, I dare you not to dance if your seat.

* * * * * *

Create your own 10 on Tuesday & link up here. They don't have to make sense, just entertain us.


  1. 1. Our Thanksgiving was one giant ass fail. So. Yeah.

    2. You've never seen that? Yeah. Love that movie!

    3. Woot!

    4. I would say that mine are based on about 75% insult-humor. My friends are awesome. Whores.

    5. I LOL'ed.

    6. Mmmm. Meat.

    7. Yeah. I stood in line at Target for 45 minutes to buy a sweater. Who's irresponsible NOW? Oh wait. Still you. :P

    8. I'm not really a crazy drunk either. More of a mellow/everything is funny as long as other people are doing it kind of drunk.

    9. My eyebrows are pretty bad. I can't decide if I want the scary Asian to do them or the sweet, yet overly made-up girl at the Benefit Brow Bar to do it.

    10. Best dance scene ever in a movie. Ever. Also? Best soundtrack ever.

  2. Haha, I would love to be close with the Ninja Turtles too. In Germany they are called Hero Turtles by the way. Weird.

  3. That's my favorite part of Love Actually - when Hugh Grant does his dance. Haha. Have fun in Vegas!!

  4. that window sign is hilarious! I wouldn't even go there to take the photo.

    this is my first time doing ten on tuesday so I'm not sure if I'll continue for the next but thanks for hosting.

    have a great day.

  5. Haha! I love your friendship pie chart!

  6. 2. I never recommended Love Actually? It's one of my favorite movies!!! It got me all obsessed into the whole "everyone is connected" theme!!!

    3. I love meeting web friends... those I know I can trust. I've met plenty and so far they are what they claim to be ;) ... so far

    4. I agree so much with this because I don't think you could consider a friend close unless you're comfortable enough to "insult" them and for them to realize its just love teasing and should be able to separate your affectionate insult and your real insults.

    7. I'm right there with you... oh lord...

    9. TMI BUT lol its winter~ Hubby/BF no care, why should the world?

  7. What a cute post! I liked that friendship circle. Interesting infographic.

  8. I ADORE Love Actually. I hate chick flicks of any kind, but I will watch that movie again and again.

  9. Footloose really does make you want to dance! Yay for meeting a blogging buddy in the real world. Let's hope she's a girl. ;0)

    YAY, Love Actually. Great movie. Reminds me I need to own a copy...best time of year to be watching that.

  10. I love Hugh Grant even though he bangs hookers. And I secretly wish him and Liz Hurley get together again. Is that wrong? It'd be like the best love story ever. Right? Of course, yes.

  11. Uh, hold up. You've never seen Love Actually. I totes would have included that, as I think it's one of the BEST movies out there. Totally amazing. And Hugh Grant's dance moves? Worth every penny.

  12. I love #5 - this person is probably hilarious, and thereby qualifies for friendship (see exhibit # 4)!

    And I cannot understand that you had never before watched Love Actually - it is my annual Christmas movie (yes, my social life is not cool enough, so me and my telly have our own Christmas party) ;-)

  13. 1. Sounds delicious.
    2. We didn't want to over-hype. It's better to under-hype and then the person is like OMG THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER. See what we did there? Totally worked.
    3. I promise I'm not a computer screen. Also pretty sure I'm not a guy either, hot or otherwise.
    4. Uh, yeah, of course. Is there something wrong with that?
    5. Not number 2??? Cos that one made me go "wait...what?"
    6. Mmmm....pizza....
    7. Tell me about it. TERRIBLE IDEA.
    8. Man I love that drunk baby. He always says the funniest stuff.
    9. It's winter. No one's judging.
    10. I remember doing a lip sync to this at a talent show in elementary school. Traumatic.

  14. wait...

    you've never watched Love Actually until now?!?!?

    Have you been living under a rock? Just kidding, don't hate me! I'm just glad you loved it as much as the rest of us. I was going to watch it today but my hubby said to wait until it snows, wtf?


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