Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I saw this on someone's blog a few days ago & it totally made me laugh out loud. Guess we can all stop wondering what happened to the Dinosaurs.

2. I've got so much family shit going on with my parents right now. Sometimes I wonder how it's possible for the two adults that raised me can act so childish. It's like they reverted back to teenage-hood. FML.

3. Have you guys seen the movie Gattaca? Rusty said he had me watch it a few years ago but obviously I forgot about it cause I didnt remember one damn thing about it. Anyway, it's a really good movie. And it proves that Ethan Hawk didn't always look a crack-head.

4. Come on, admit it, we've all been that creepy overly boy obsessed girl at least once in our lifetime.

5. I joined a Mug Swap last week & was paired up with my fabulous Canadian homegirl Leesh (it was actually her that saved me from being partner-less). I've been feeling a little creative lately so I've opted to hand make her a special mug...lucky girl? That's yet to be seen. Hopefully she loves it, cause if not then she's screwed. 

6. We've all been there.

7. There are some people that are so much fun to dislike that there's no way you could possibly cut them out of your life.

8. The Walking Dead: This man, feeding & consoling a baby...fucking *swoon*.

9. Ladies, stop trying to decipher what guys are thinking. Take it from a girl who's been married for almost 7 years, just come straight out & ask him what you want to know cause there's a 95% chance he'll tell you. Dude's aren't complicated like we are. Want to make him happy? Give him delicious food or a spontaneous BJ...better yet, give him both if you want to make him really happy.

10. If you're not already signed up for this mofo then you best get on it.

* * * * *

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  1. #1. I totally feel like that about Thanksgiving coming up next week. I mean, WTF did we just like skip 3 months of my life or something?

    #5. I can't wait to see what your mug looks like. Haha, I said mug.

    #6. I've actually gotten mad at my husband after reading books because he just doesn't understand that "Dude, I just witnessed Dumbledore dying so no I can't make you a cup of tea right now as soul is crushed."

    #9. Motherfuckingtruth. I've been married for 7 years and I can't explain this enough to people. Also, women tend to over-read into a situation. If he forgot to pick up bread, chances are he actually forgot and isn't on some mission to make your life harder. Breathe dammit.

  2. #1 That's me, most of the time. I hate it. I would not be prepared for the end of the world, let alone a zombie apocalypse.

    #3 Remember seeing it back when I was in high school. Loved it. That's when I thought that he was cute. I guess things have changed. But it is kind of good to have movie amnesia as you watch great films again and again without remembering who the crazy murderer is. I am married to a movie amnesiac, if that helps.

    #8 Up to now, I can not imagine him doing anything nice. But only watched season 1 so far.

    #9 Stop trying to decipher what guys are thinking. Chances are, they aren't thinking at all at the moment and are just enjoying this instant of silence because we are frantically thinking about what they are thinking.

    Have I said how much I hate Mondays? Tuesdays have just joined them. Not because of you, of course! ;-)

  3. You know, I find myself waiting for Tuesday because this is what pulled me into your blog initially. High five woman!

    #6. Guilty, damn those effin' Twilight books. By the way I'm Team Edward all the way. Don't hate and don't judge.

    #7 If only I could add my husbands ex wife on Facebook JUST for this reason. Instead I know a handful of other buttholes that fill this slot.

    #9 Amen to that one all the way. GOAL!!! This one puts you on my heroes list for having the balls to say it.

  4. 1. Haha my friend has a printed copy of that at her desk.
    2. Now that I'm older I realize how silly my parents are. Heck, I'm more logical and level-headed!
    4. My hubs would say this is me right now! I don't think I'm crazy. I just love him a lot.
    5. I joined the mug swap too! I'm glad I got to chat with my partner and get to know them before I just send out a random mug.
    6. I feel like that coming out of a movie theater sometimes.
    8. I have not seen the episode, but I've seen some pictures. LOVE IT!!
    9. Haha, that's some good advice!
    10. Only a few more days! I'm super excited for this swap.

  5. I remember LOVING Gattaca when I saw it in high school, but now I can't remember too much about it. Need to watch again!

    And YES GIRL to number 9. I want to tell this to so many of my friends that are single. Like CALM DOWN and just ask. If he doesn't like you, just move along! It's really not as hard as you make it!

  6. Just what a needed, a few laughs espcially 1 and 4 made me laugh:)

  7. Haha. Number one is awesome!
    And Daryl is the best! He is my hero! I already liked him in The Boondock Saints! But now? He is awesome!

  8. aww girl I'm sorry about your family drama. that's the worst. You're right, the parents are supposed to be the mature ones in charge.

    I am sooo excited about my mug too! I hope my partner hasn't forgotten :/ I have tried to chat w/ her but idk. I guess she's busy and stuff.

    Leah {Lovely Life of Leah}

  9. the book thing is SO TRUE!!!!!!
    sorry about the parents, hopefully they stop soon.

  10. excuse me, still drooling over daryl.

  11. Love those photos...the dinosaur one really makes me laugh. And the one about books is SO true. I think that's on my pinterest, actually.

  12. Ahhh, that scene with Daryl! As I read on slate.com today, he's really stepping up to be the leader. Love it.

    Also, there are people I hide on FB, but then visit their pages regularly just so I can come up with more reasons to hate them.

  13. I love that guy!!! I don't even know his name but I love him. He looks like a hot mess but I don't care. YUM!!!


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