Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Warning: #8 & 9 talk about Sunday nights Walking Dead & Dexter episodes.

1. My nails are growing again which means it's time to bring out the nail polish. Now if I could only find a really good top coat to stop them from chipping. Recommendations, anyone?

2. Damn straight. I'm also really tired of the late night 'vote for this prop' calls. Since when is it ok to solicit past sundown? Maybe I'm old school but that's just not cool.

3. Our car insurance just went down to $277 from $480 a month (for 3 cars) cause a traffic cam ticket I got 4 years ago was finally taken off my record. This is fan-fucking-tastic! Now I just have to try not to get another ticket anytime soon :/

4. Kristen Bell & Dax Sheppard are having a baby! I'm probably a little more excited about this than I should be.

5. This -->
Well, when you say it like that it sounds really dumb. But come on, what other time of the year can you get pajama sets & movies for $12.99 vs the usual $18.99...pfft. Now THAT'S a fucking deal.
6. I've worked with her for over 2 years now but it still surprises me every time cubicle neighbor prances into work with her hooker shoes on. I wish I had a fellow shit talking coworker here so we could take bets on exactly how long those skinny ass heels will last in supporting that voluptuous body of hers. Just hope I'm around when they finally give up & break. Yes, I'm mean.

7. I'll take Tea, please!

8. Let talk The Walking Dead...holy fucking fuck, that was a great episode on Sunday. If you've seen it then you know what I'm talking about & you probably cried as much as I did when she looked to the sky & said "goodnight, love."

9. Moving on to Dexter: I knew there was some sexual tension between those two but I never, NE-VER expected that ending.

This -> 

Brought this response outta me ->

10. I need new riding boots, in brown & gray, so these two types (1 & 2) have just been to my amazon wishlist for Christmas. If you guys have a few extra buckaroos laying around, I could send you the link. I know it's a bit of a reach but hey, a girls gotta try.

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Alright, you're up. Create your own 10 on Tuesday list & link up so we an all check you out.


  1. I'll take tea! Instead of black friday we have boxing day sales, where people an go and buy everything they didn't get for Christmas the day after it!

  2. I use this Seche-Vite amazon has it at a good price..but I have been told if you re-aply the top coat every few days it does last longer...also i love going and getting gelly polish done at the salon that stuff last for three weeks on me :)

  3. Dude- Dexter- I KNOW! WTF?! I just watched it last night. Try Chanel polish for a top coat, pricey but worth it. Last, I like those boots!

  4. Ha ha, what a cool list!
    #1 I always use two layers of nail polish. No top coat, though. Still have a good life span.
    #6 Yes, you are mean, but I'd love to be there, too. ;-)
    #8/9 Finally caved and ordered the first season of each. I know, I am years behind, but there might be a chance that I'll finally catch up with you!

  5. 1. Yay for nail polish!! I'm waiting a little bit right now for my nails to grow out.
    3. That's great, hopefully you can avoid tickets. Those damn cameras are everywhere.
    7. LOL omg yes tea for me too.

  6. I miss having a job because I miss being able to talk shit about co-workers with. I mean, talking to myself is not as fun-especially cause I'm shit talking myself to myself...haha

    I'd take the tea as well. Hell, I use Lindsay as a what not to do. She is the poster child for fallen child star. She was so pretty!

  7. Can I just say I love Black Friday? I love watching people lose their shit over a coffee maker on sale. It's not even the one they want but fuck yes it's $9.99 and they are BUYING SEVEN.

  8. Walking Dead was really really amazing! I mean, I am so excited now that I can't wait for the next episode.

  9. oh to have nails lol But yeah I've got nothing.

    Um hooray! for cheaper car insurance!! Now go buy some boots girl!

    Oh I love to talk me some trash about girls in my office who apparently DO NOT look in the mirror before they come into the office. Point - club clothes do not cross into work clothes.

    I'm stocked about Kristen Bell and Dax too. I don't know why but yeah.

    And yes - now that Election day is ALMOST over...no more calls...right? lol

  10. My insurance was $476 a month for 1 vehicle because my husband got a DUI before we were together. He then got 2 hit and runs when he backed into a vehicle in a parking lot and left without doing anything and a speeding ticket in 3 days. We finally have it down to $104 because things are coming off =/

  11. Oy. The debate on watching the walking dead vs dexter first on Sundays is always crazy. I can't believe Lori is gone. Oh my heart. And then poor little Carl.

  12. NEED to watch Dexter now!
    you can bitch to me anytime haha like c'mon we're in the office, those boots are not necessary.

  13. Dude. Dexter. Ditto. Walking Dead. Ditto. As for nail polish, I really don't have much idea, but the gray China Glaze I've got on has remained in good shape for a week+ now. Don't even have a top coat on it. And finally, tea for me too, please! - Katie M

  14. 1.My favorite top coat is Seche Vite. You can find that at Target (though I can't quote you the price but as memory serves its around 8-10?).

    2. I just can't believe Mitt is even worthy of having a tight fight! I do want this to be over but it would be scary if he won. THAT'S my opinion.

    5. But it's so scary. All those horror stories of trampling. Oh my god. I've avoided black friday sales the most unless I have to but even then... I would like to come out in one piece if I can...

    6. D: omg props to her though! I wouldn't be able to because of the concentration of the heel... I prefer wedge if anything.

    7. That man will never age. He found out the elixir of life! The youth fountain!

    9. D: ... I NEED TO CATCH UP!!! I'm so scared to catch up with this show cause I can't stand Debs and now that she knows... DX ugh!! She's going to be more freaking annoying.

    10. I prefer the second. Edgy rock chick !

  15. #1 - I am on the same search for a great top coat. I hear Seche Vite is great but smells really chemical-y. Claire from Bicoastally recommended a good one, but I can't remember the name. I think it's called Out the Door.

  16. It's like I almost wanted him to kill Hannah. Not sure why. Maybe to keep things interesting??
    And TWD?? I cried. It was horrible. Lori dying didn't feel as good as I thought it would. I read somewhere that Andrew Lincoln should get an Emmy nod for that last scene. I agree.


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