Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Something About Nothing, If Nothing Is Shopping

It's not true, I'm not really waiting...that long.

I tried to get some of the names crossed off my list on black friday but that was an epic fail. Went out, grabbed a few things, stood in some lines and then went home with nothing more than 2 gifts for other people other than myself. What can I say, I'm selfish.

Also, for the first time ever I found a pair of Old Navy pants in a size 12 short that didn't fit all wonky in the hips/butt & super tight in the gut. Damn you love handles! But thank you O.N. for now carrying 'diva' jeans that are slimmer in the thigh & straighter in the waist for us not-so-curvy gals.

Back to the Christmas list...I managed to find a few things on Amazon on cyber Monday but am now realizing that getting that good of a deal comes a price because the stupid shit isn't even going to be shipped out until 12/12, with a delivery date of 12/22. Talk about cutting it close, right.

Not only am I way behind on all this gift finding, have been slacking in blog reading/commenting/posting, but I'm also really behind on sending out Leesh's mugswap package (good news though, I found markers that will permanently stay on the mug!). Not to mention I still have to find the final items for my holiday swap partner(s) package(s) which have to go out on Monday morning. Oy.

I need a personal assistant that'll deal with my life & get shit organized for me while I take a nap.


  1. I've had Amazon give me shipping arrivals close like that last year but they arrived super early!

    1. Really? Oh man, that's so good to know. Now I can stop freaking out about it.

  2. Don't worry I haven't done a lot of my Christmas shopping either!...my gifts for me seem to be bought first too haha Hope the rest of your gift shopping is as stress free as possible! xo

  3. I would LOVE a personal assistant. I'm a last-minute shopper too (plus, I hate shopping), so it's all a pain in my mind. :)

  4. I ordered stuff last year that said it'd be here two weeks before Christmas. I got it in February. And then they got super pissy with me when I complained.

  5. We can split the cost of the assistant if you want.
    I'm giving up with Christmas presents at this point. I don't have my act together enough to get them mailed out (uh, didn't buy them yet) this week.

  6. haah sounds like my christmas shopping attempt over black friday! except i only made it out with one "gift" and that "gift" may just end up being my own >.<

    p.s. yey for old navy!

  7. I'm having such a hard time present shopping!

  8. Girl I haven't even thought about shopping yet. My youngest has a hockey tournament a week before Christmas so I get to spend $200 on hotel rooms instead of Christmas presents. that mid month paycheck is going to be stretched tighter than Kim Kardashian's leggings.

  9. I have not even started my xmas shopping, and my husband went ahead and got the gift i was going to get for him ...... I just have no idea what to get him now or what to get my son lol

  10. I really need to start thinking about Christmas presents....

  11. Girl, I totally feel you on Old Navy jeans. When I was a walking stick in high school I loved the way they fit, but now, not so great - except for the Diva cut jeans. Totally awesome - and $10. Winning!


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