Thursday, November 1, 2012

Random Thursday: Top 5 Must Read Blogs

It's Random Thursday time again! 

Now that the we're all pretty much over the whole 'it's fall!' bullshit and Halloween's over, we can move on to other non-seasonal topics. Don't get too used to it though, Christmas is almost here & you know there's always gotta be a few topics about that.

But for now, lets move on to this weeks topic:

Must Read kinda makes it seem like these next couple of blogs are going to be life changing or something, right? Well, I suppose some of them might. I mean, doesn't everything that comes across you change your life in one way or another? Too much for a Thursday post?

I follow almost 150 blogs & read each one of them for different reasons so narrowing it down to only 5 of them to share with you was pretty damn hard. Here they are though...

365 days of Slow Cooking: I majorly suck when it comes to cooking so the crock pot is one of my best buds. Kinda feel like I gotta throw it out there though, the crock pot still doesn't get used too often...what can I say, I dont belong in the kitchen. But if I ever get the urge to use it, I know I can go on this site & look up some delicious grub. 

Kristin's kNook: If you haven't read this blog yet then you're really missing out. Kristin is straight up witty, sarcastic, loves all the same TV shows I do & even hates Kritsen Stewart as much as I do, and best of all girl can rock the shit out of a discount outfit. Basically she's as rad as I am but with way better fashion sense.

The Girl Who Ate Everything: Once you see the stuff she has on her site you'll know exactly why her blog title is what it is. The little photos attached to her header are some of my favorites: double layer pumpkin cheesecake (which I make every year for Thanksgiving), baked zucchini sticks, chicken taco soup, & blueberry lemon muffins. All her recipes are pretty much idiot proof, they'd have to be for me to even attempt them.

You're Meaghan Me Crazy: I actually just started reading Meaghan's blog a few months ago & even though I honestly couldnt tell you how I came to find it, I can tell you that it's always fun to read.  Her blog's pretty random, which I totally dig, and she has a fantastic sense of humor (ergo, isn't offended by mine). Her posts vary from stuff about her life, to recipes, to showing off her cool crochet scarves (which she sells).
Beauty Finds of a SAHM: Darbie not only has some kick ass red hair that I'm totally jealous of but chicklet also knows what's up in the beauty department. Just recently she made her first 'date night' eye makeup tutorial, is always posting makeup recommendations like this one on mascara, or cool crafting tutorials

* * * * * 

Join us & give us some new blogs to check out! I may be following a crap ton of blogs already but that's never stopped me from adding more to my reader. Come on, it's fun.

Next weeks topic: If I Didn't Have To Work...


  1. I wouldn't have figured you'd have two cooking blogs on your list! Now that makes me feel like a kitchen underachiever ;-) Have to check out the other blogs, they sound cool! =)

  2. You've got good taste. If only everyone could be as rad as us, right?
    I'm also more likely to read blogs when people I trust recommend them (and not as part of a sponsor review). :)

  3. love that you called her chicklet. :)

  4. I am always down for some crock pot cooking. Especially in the cooler months, you just can't lose with it.
    And Meaghan is fantastic! I love her too :)
    Can't wait to check everyone out. Just like Kristin said above - I'm more likely to check out a new blog that isn't sponsored but just plain ol' fashioned liked.

  5. I'm super excited to check out these blogs!

  6. you rock!!!!!!!
    thanks so much for the shout out!
    I read Kristins blog awhile ago and could not remember it for the life of me so thanks for the reminder!

  7. I totally heart both of the cooking blogs u mentioned! Great selections!



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