Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Thursday: My Winter Survival Items...

Its that time again. Oh yeah, you know what I'm talking about, and you know you've been looking forward to it...it's Random Thursday time. 

This weeks topic is:

Most of you guys know I live in SoCal so more than likely you're sitting there laughing your ass off cause you know I don't really have to suffer through a real 'winter'. No snow storms, no major hail storms, or big floods. However, there are times when we get below 45 and some rain, and that's pretty much our winter & regardless of how sissified it is we still need things to help us get through these tough ol' times. 

Yeah, even I had a little laugh at that. Sorry in advance to all you sitting in layers & layers of clothes and have your car buried under snow. Please feel free to roll your eyes or play me the worlds smallest violin throughout my post haha.

Winter survival items
1. Chapstick - My lips get super chapped in the winter so I always have one of these, in strawberry, in my purse.
2. Space Heater - It gets a bit chilly but usually not enough to justify having the heater on in the whole house. Bills are expensive, yo. We have a small space heater we keep around for when we're getting of the shower & don't want to freeze our bits off as we're drying off.
3. Puffy Jacket - Mine's not as fashionable as the one shown, it's more George Costanza style. Either way, it keeps me warm & dry so I don't give a shit how uncool I look.
4. Abuelita Chocolate - If you grew up in a hispanic/mexican home then you know just how fucking delicious this hot chocolate is. I never go a winter without this cinnamony-chocolate goodness.
5. Fuzzy Socks - Warm feet make Lin a very happy girl.
6. Hair Ties - The rain does bad things to curly hair so I always have to be sure to have one of these suckers on hand to take the frizz beast.
7. Car Butt Warmer - Leather seats sound like a fabulous idea when you're at the dealer & the adrenaline's pumping but then the heat hit & your ass is burning and in the winter your cursing the cold hitting your lower back. I'm old, these butt warmers are a god send in the 42 degree 5am mornings.

* * * *

That's it, that's how I survive the 'winter' in SoCal. Now that you've read it, you should join in on the fun. And, don't forget to link up!

Next weeks topic: My Bizarre Food Combos...


  1. OMG I wonder if they have Abuelita Chocolate over here in North Carolina? I need it in my life! I am dying over your world's tiniest violin!!! Can I please steal that? I am LOL for real!!!! and your hair ties, I haven't seen them doubled like that, I make them and will totally have to try the double-up technique!!! Leah {Lovely Life of Leah}

  2. Haha I don't really suffer harsh winters either, but I'm such a baby when it's just a little colder. Need my space heater!!

  3. Everything in life in relative to your reality. I live in a Caribbean island where in winter it probably gets as low as 65 and that is cold for me. But of course when you compare it with others at minus zero it's laughable, still my reality is 65 and not -zero so that's the only one I live with and complain about, LOL!

  4. Poor Lin and her fake winter *sigh*
    I agree that car butt warmers on those impulsively-bought leather seats are a godsend on both 42* summer days and -14* winter days. We have that in common...kinda:)

  5. ahhh abuelita hot chocolate!! its been years since I've had the stuff....used to drink it as kids!

  6. I love fuzzy socks. I love anything that keeps my feet warm. So you can't have enough warm socks!

  7. Abuelita hot chocolate sounds great! Anything cinnamon is a winter must, I guess. But you're right, even I am kind of smiling at the thought of SoCal winter, so what must people in Alaska be thinking? ;-)

  8. ABUELITA!!!! Discovering this and learning how to swear in Spanish were the best pinche things to come out of living in a house full of Mexican/Colombian/Peruvian guys. Speaking of which, maybe I need to pick some up...

    With you on the heater, socks, jacket and seat warmers. Add fleece blankets and Uggs to the list. You should try Jack Black lip balm - the lemon one tastes like lemon meringue pie. It's delicious.

  9. couldn't live without chapstick.
    well I could but it'd suck!
    you're comment about leather seats is unreal! I said the exact same thing haha annndd I've got fuzzy socks on right now.. love this!

  10. 1. Chapstick is a MUST!
    5. I have a gazillion fuzzy socks.
    6. I have super frizzy hair as well and always have hair ties on my key chain, purse, and anything else that has a clip.

    I gotta try that chocolate!!!

  11. Hahaha! I love the idea of a car butt warmer - just a butt warmer of any kind would be good!

    I'm all linked up and ,yes, fluffy socks are a MUST!

    Happy Friday from London!


  12. You still have yo wear puffy coats in SoCal? I thought that it's super hot all year around.


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