Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Thursday: If I Didn't Have To Work...

This week has gone by so slowly, I'm so glad it's finally Thursday. Not only because the weekend is only a few hours away but also because now it's time for Random Thursday with Em, Sarah, and I!

This weeks topic:

Dude, if you guys actually knew how many times this goes through my mind on a daily basis. Seriously, it's a lot. Waking up at 4am to be at work by 6am is tough. Like, taking naps in the car during lunch time kind of tough. 

As shitty as it is to not be able to sweat out hundred dollar bills and actually have to work for a living, I don't know that I'd ever not work. It's who I am, I'm a worker bee, not a stay-at-home bee. But if I ever had the opportunity to not have work & be able to do anything I wanted but still have my bills paid, I'd totally do this ->

Spend ALL day at the beach.
huntington beach, ca

Volunteer as a baby cuddler.

Learn to paint. Really well.

Travel the U.S.

* * * * * 

Hope you'll join us & share what you'd do if you didn't have to work! 
And, if by chance you don't have an actual cash paying job but are instead a SAHM, you can still play along...just tell us what you'd do if you didn't have to be home with the kiddos; go back to school, travel the world by becoming a flight attendant? The options are endless.

Next weeks topic: 5 Things I Use Everyday...

* * * * *

Totally gonna toss this into mix cause I had a lot of fun putting it together:
I wrote a guest post HERE today about all the random crap I put in my 'Carry On' bag when I travel. Check it out if you love me. Seriously, I need reassurance.


  1. I'd love to be a baby cuddler, lol!


  2. Great post Lin! Traveling, now why didn't I think of that! Maybe I assumed my hubby would be working while I play all day! Somebody's gotta wrk right?


  3. All the people who wouldn't want to be baby cuddlers probably hate Christmas, too! ;-) Yeah, there are lots of great places in the states. I actually have two complete holidays there planned out, I'm just waiting for that lottery cheque to arrive! =)

  4. I would travel, assuming that not having to work meant that we had unlimited money!

  5. ahhh I wish I had gotten my act together and did up a post for this topic.
    my mom's dream job is to be a hospital baby snuggled - she used to be a candy striper just on the off chance they'd send her to the nursery. Thanks for reminding me about that little forgotten mama tidbit. xo

  6. I missed this week and it was a good one.

    If I didn't have to work, I would rent a home in Mexico or DR for a month and try living there, soaking up the sun.

    Then I would return home and watch episodes of Beverly Hill, 90210, Friends, Friday Night Lights and Sex and the City.

    I would plan week long trips to Miami, NYC and Vegas to party, shop and eat.

    Then I would have a baby and just become a housewife who lunches, blogs and does crafts while the baby naps.


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