Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Thursday: 5 Things I Use Everyday...

Is it just me or do Thursday roll around pretty darn quickly? Guess it's OK since that just means the weekend's even closer.

Glad you've stopped by & (hopefully) decided to join Em, Sarah & I for this week's Random Thursday

List 5 things I use everyday? Easy as pie. Not.

It took me about an hour just to come up with these things. Granted, I could have listed soap & stuff cause I of course shower everyday but it just seemed too easy...so this is what I came up with. 

5 things I use everyday

1. Wedding ring - Not only does it keep the hundreds of fellas that are chasing after me away but since it's a symbol of my commitment to Rusty, I like to wear it on a daily basis. Also, after wearing it for 6 years my hand feels naked without it.

2. Razor - Not just any razor either, nope. It's got to be the hubs Gillette cause it just works way better at getting all the hair. Stubbly pits? Not up in here!

3. Glasses - If I don't wear them, I'm blind. Doc says I'm nearsighted, which means I need them to see anything that's not in front of my face. Id happily wear contacts on a daily basis instead but the fact I sit in front of a computer 10 hrs a day kind of fucks with this plan since I'm then blind to anything up close.

4. Olay moisturizer - My face gets super flaky dry, especially in the Fall/Winter so applying this every morning is a must, unless I want to to leave a flake trail everywhere I go. I know, gross.

5. Thyroid meds - Staying healthy is pretty important right? Yeah, I think so too. I have to take one of these little circle pills for the rest of my life in order for my body to continue functioning. What can I say, Jeebus put me in a faulty body & there's no trade-ins.

* * * * *

Now it's your turn to show us 5 little ol' things you use everyday & when you're done, link up below so we can leave you some comment love.

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  1. Happy Thursday Lin! Sorry I have been MIA from these linkups for a while - it's all been a bit chaotic this side of the world!

    But, so glad to be able to link up today:) Great everyday essentials!

    Have a good rest of your week:)


  2. Kind of strange how you get used to a wedding ring, right? I never wore rings before, but now it feels weird when I take them off. I even wear them for cleaning (which is a total no-no, I know!)!

  3. Haha, I like your list. I wear my ring every day too. My hand just feels weird without it. AND I love using men's razors. They just work better.

  4. I just love your linkups. I might have to join in on this one tonight. :)

    I don't have a wedding ring, but have worn two rings religiously for years. I, too, feel nakey without them. Yes, I meant to type nakey. ;)

  5. The wedding ring thing makes me laugh bc we were just talking about this last night. I wear mine out but never at home bc I don't want to get it dirty. Scott, on the other hand, is never ever allowed to take his off. People in the army automatically assume that you're ready and willing if you don't have a ring on (and even if you do).

  6. I LOVE that your husband's razor is a part of your every day! What a funny yet cute thing to do :)

  7. Oh ya, I do wear my wedding ring everyday.

    This was quite hard trying to narrow it down to just five but it make you realize what are the things you can't live without.


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