Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meet The 'Holiday Swap' Participants

Since the sign-ups have been open for some time now & we've been lucky enough to have so many rockin' bloggers join up, I thought maybe it was time to let them (you) meet one another. 

If you have a free moment today/tomorrow/this weekend, browse your fellow participants blogs/twitter & say 'hello', since one of them will be your partner!

Heather     Leah     Stephanie

 Crystal     Nichole     Wendy

Christina     Yesenia     Meaghan

Shantel     Jennifer     Nikki

Meghan     Carly    Lauren

Stephanie     Jennifer     Darbie

Tamara     Cindy     Melissa

Sara     Annie     Miranda

Gini     Ms. Attitude     Lauren

Su     Alyssa

And if for some reason you still haven't jumped on the awesome Holiday Swap bandwagon, you can click the little tree below & do it now. For real, do it.



  1. Thank you for helping me out today! OMG I would have cried if my name wasn't on the list!

  2. How exciting! I'm glad so many people signed up. I can't wait to find out who my partner is, because I've been finding so many cute ideas I might use (if it fits)


  3. Yay! So glad you did this post! Its nice to see who all signed up for this awesome swap!


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