Monday, November 5, 2012

Lets Do This: Holiday Swap!

It's swap time, again!

We've had fun with the favorite things/summertime/movie/and halloween swaps but now it's time for the really fun one...the Holiday Swap hosted by Em, Amber & I. What exactly is a Holiday Swap, you ask? Well, basically it's you sending a bunch of fabulous Christmas/Holiday themed stuff to a fellow blogger.

It's like getting a Christmas present without having to wait for Christmas day. Yes, please. Your package can include anything holiday related, your favorite Christmas items (nail polish color, candle scent, household decorations, Christmas music compilation CD...everything is game). You'll also be getting info about your partner & what they're into so you're not left completely in the dark as to what you should send them. 

This swap is $20 minimum (not including shipping), open to all active U.S & International bloggers (must have posted 6x in last 30 days), and if by chance you're one of those cool crafty people don't be afraid to make something & toss it into the mix, it doesn't all have to be purchased (as long as it doesn't look like old used up crap).

So hopefully by now you're thinking, "I love shopping for Christmas items & getting gifts, I'd have to be fucking insane not to join this!",  and if you're not thinking this then you probably are a little bonkers in the head anyway. 

Here's your chance to join the fun, all you have to do is click the image below. 

Warning: be sure you're willing to fully commit to sending a fab pkg in return for getting one before signing up. We may be nice but that changes if you screw your partner over. 
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Have you received your Holiday Swap package? 

If so, I hope you snapped some photos & raved about how fabulous the stuff you got was. Seriously, I want to see what you all got!

Link your post here so we can check you out ->


  1. Hey girl!! Woo hooo the swap is up and open :) Could you send me a direct link? For some reason the page is getting blocked by my firewall. Thanks!!! I'm so excited!!

  2. Yay!! Can't wait to get assigned my partner.

  3. holidays swaps are fun to participate in and you are right it is lie an early christmas present!

  4. Woo! I signed up. I just can't pass up this swap, since I LOVE the holidays. LOL


  5. I am in! Can't wait! I really enjoy these swamps and this one is the best Holiday Themed!! :D

  6. I was actually stalking your blog waiting for the new post...eeek. Linked up! : )

  7. I will be participating this year! This is awesome can't wait!


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