Friday, November 30, 2012

I Got Some Pretty Rad MugSwap Goodies...

I joined a mug swap a few months ago hoping to get a cool new mug to drink coffee out of. Nothing else. Truth is, the last time I participated in this type of swap it was pretty meh, just a simple mug kinda-thing...this time, not so much. And, I was in heaven!

Granted, I was paired up with one of my oldest blog buds, Leesh so I pretty much knew I was in store for something cool. I just didn't really have a clue as to how fucking cool it'd be.

* * * *

After a long ass day at work, I got home to this bad boy.

It's pretty funny cause just the other day I was asking Rusty why anyone would want to buy decorative packaging tape, it just gets torn through anyway, right? Well, I get it now. It looks really fucking awesome, that's why you buy it! 

Look how pretty it's put together. That's not the best part though, check out all the stuff that was inside the box. Yeah, girl didn't stop at just a 'coffee mug'. Score!

What I got:
Colorful Owl mug; K-cups in German Chocolate & Winter Carnival for me to use with the Keurig at work; Nail polish in Twilight, Mulberry, & Cherry, and clear top coat that I desperately needed; Cool handmade fabric wallet; Chocolates (which Rusty's surely eaten already); Mascara (I've always wanted to try this kind); Tea towel (which she hand-sewed & altered to be able to tie & hang from my oven handle).

She also included a colorful handwritten note that totally reminded me of HS & will love forever. I've participated in A LOT of swaps and although I've never been let down by any of my partners, this package definitely is one of the top 5 because it had handmade items in it. Knowing that someone took the time to make something means more than spending any amount of money. Sometimes.

Alright, enough of this sappy shit. 

Thanks for the all the great stuff Leesh. I promise yours is on the way.


  1. omg epic level awesome!!!
    I LOVVVEEE when swaps go unexpectedly well! that's why I keep doing them, it's like yeah, you might get a couple meh boxes, but every now and then you score BIG! My goal in life (because I'm such an overachiever at only fun things) is for people to get the package I sent them and declare on their blog, instagram, twitter, etc, to the world that it was the best swap box EVER in their life. it's real. lol.

  2. This is pretty cool, I have been hearing about Mug Swaps just never participated in one or found one to participate in.. LOL

    You got some pretty amazing things. :0

  3. This is so awesome!! She totally went above and beyond!

  4. You scored big time, girl! =) Enjoy your package! PS But if Rusty eats your candy, he surely deserves some of that nail polish, too - and not the clear kind ;-)

  5. What a great partner! I use that mascara. I'm kind of a mascara hater because I feel like it makes my eyelashes fall out, but I use this one, so that must mean I think it's pretty good. :)

  6. Spoiled!! What an awesome swap package. :)

  7. Oh wow, this is an awesome package! How cool! Love the mug!

  8. whoever gets leesh will ALWAYS get a rad swap gift. she puts SO MUCH effort into them. you got some awesome goodies! what brand of nail color did you get? they look like mini bottles and i'm looking for some mini bottles.

  9. What a fantastic parcel! I can't wait to get mine!

  10. holy crap I want her as a partner!!

  11. I am so glad you liked everything. And you know what, I was second guessing that decorative packing tape I bought. I thought it was a waste of money but now, I think it's kind cool. It definitely spruces up an ordinary box.

    Let me know what you think of the coffee. I always have to bring some of them when I go to visit my mom.

  12. I loved seeing this exchange between you two and how you guys spoiled each other with more than just a mug :)

    The scarf you made Leesh is gorgeous! i love that color. I always say handmade is best because it's one of a kind and it means even more since you take the time to make it.

    The tea towel is GENIUS!

    do i spot an Aero bar? My friend from England sent me one in her Christmas package to me and i DEVOURED it. So yummy! :)

    Swaps are my favorite.


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