Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whiny Much? Why, Yes, I Am.

I wish I could close my eyes and make certain things different. Just for a moment I wouldn't have to worry about anything, it'd be like slipping away into a dream land of perfection.

This stupid neck pain would be completely gone & I wouldn't have to move my entire torso just to look beside me.

Rusty wouldn't be mad at me for being selfish, again.

There'd be no worries about how the light bill's going to get paid this month.

I'd stop wondering if there's something wrong with my lady bits since I've been off BC for a year & haven't even had a scare.

My bedroom would be spotless & every nook and cranny would be vacuumed.

Those stupid dirty socks tossed in the corner of the room would be magically washed & put away.

My body wouldn't betray me by jiggling when I walk.

Something more entertaining than my pathetic first world problems would be written on here.

Chances are this won't happen on it's own & I'll have to worry about it all sooner or later. Definitely later, if I have anything to do with it. But, for now I'll sit at my desk & zone everything out while listening to my 80's Pandora station.

Sure, Eddie Money, go ahead...take me home tonight, cause I'm not too sure Rusty wants my self involved ass around much right now anyway.


  1. first world problems are the worst; you feel stressed about things that are if little importance in the grand scheme of things, but can't stop obsessing over them which in turn makes you feel even worse - guilt over not enjoying your first world life to its fullest... vicious cycle... virtual hug enroute

  2. I hear drugs are great for that.

  3. I would like Lola to stop playing in the litter box like it's a free for all sand pit. I would also like if people learned how to merge without fear on the highways. And I would like it a lot if Matt would not drool on me in his sleep. I hate the wet pillow effect.

  4. Sometimes there is so much going on in life that I get a knot in my tummy! It doesn't help the stressing, because then I worry about what's going on in there and how I can fix that on top of everything else! You'll be ok! Hugs being sent from down under (that might even help with your lady bits!)

  5. I also wish I could make things different. Only sometimes. For instance, I am suppose to be working on homework but instead decide to kill time doing other things besides homework. But on a more serious note I hope your neck feels better tomorrow. There is nothing worse than a kinked neck.

  6. Whine away, my friend. Sorry about your electric bill. Boy do I know that whine. Too well. You did make me smile with your apt description of neck pain. I'm going to hell for this but when my neck hurts like that, and I have to do the full body turn to see what's next to me? I call that my "Geri move", which is a crude reference to Blair Warner's cousin on Facts of Life. You are probably way too young to get that reference but there ya go.

    Thanks for the Eddie Money...that was some good keg music back in the day.

    Hope you feel better now, Lin. Sometimes just getting it out does some good.



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