Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I bought a homeless man a donut while getting one for myself this morning. Seeing his huge toothless smile made my heart all warm & tingly. Do something nice for someone today.

2. Traffic is a bitch & makes me very stabby.

3. You guys have no idea how happy I was to see this Griswald reunion photo! National Lampoons Vacation is & will forever be one of my favorite movies.

4.  Waking up in a panic, almost in tears, because you had a dream you left your newborn baby in the car overnight after a crazy day of shopping is no fun. Also, really makes you rethink ever having kids since a simple shopping trip exhausts you enough to forget a living human creature in the car like you would a gallon of milk :/

5. No one should ever have to see their mom in this. EVER.

6. Have you guys watched 666 Park Avenue? Dude, I never thought ABC could pull off this type of show but so far, so good. Also, it's nice to have Dave Annebel's hot mug on TV again.

7. Next time you're looking for a halloween costume you better not ever claim you can't find anything because if these wheelchair bound peeps can do it so can you. Seriously, check it out it's way cute.

8. Finally got around to taking a picture of the scarf I finished over the weekend. It's not the best, but it's not as awful as sporting booty shorts & uggs out in public.

9. These skinny jeans I decided to wear today may have been a bad idea. It's bloat city up in here.

10. Sunday can not get here soon enough!

* * * * * *

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  1. I've got Dexter AND The Walking Dead on Sunday. What a nice way to end the weekend!
    So you mean I can't wear shorts and Uggs together? I'll have to go change.
    Actually I could wear sweatpants and Uggs to work and still be professional enough.

  2. That's so nice you bought the homeless man a donut...and I love that you wrote he had no teeth! haha... You have inspired me to do something nice today!
    = )
    Love National Lampoons...the Christmas one is def a yearly tradition in my house!

  3. Is that seriously your mom? Please say it isn't! Love your scarf!

  4. what a thoughtful gesture you did for that man. and the halloween card from the momma that is a never do!

  5. Now I believe you made a scarf, and it does look very nice:) That Halloween card from mum, I can only say poor kids!

  6. 1. That's so good! I seriously think everyone is happy today!
    3. My family loves the Griswalds! Did you know Rusty from the Christmas movie is Leonard from Big Bang theory. My mind was blown.
    6. We watched the first episode. I wasn't completely taken with it but we figured we'd give it another shot.
    8. Very nice! Looks better than that t-shirt scarf I tried ala Pinterest. MUCH better.

  7. I am loving the new show 666 Park Avenue so far :) ...my only hope is that I dont get hooked only to have it canceled :( it happens to me all the time

  8. 666 Park Avenue looks so good, but I'm too busy watching Breaking Amish on TLC after Once Upon a Time & Revenge! Sad that I don't have a DVR

    I haven't been able to find a Halloween costume since I was like...12. Everything is so short and I'd rather not let everyone see my lacy, frilly unmentionables! I've tried buying plus size for extra length, but my boobs aren't big enough to fill those tops.

  9. Thanks for linking me up while I slept lady! Love that you bought that guy a donut! I nearly woke up in tears after a dream that J fell off the side of the cliff while we were roller skating too close to the edge, then he died! No one should have to see their mum like that! And I absolutely bloody love the wheelchair costumes! They're amazing!

  10. That reunion photo makes me smile! I loved that movie.

    Your scarf is pretty! Great job!

  11. Congrats on finishing the scarf! It looks fantastic!
    One time I bought a homeless guy a huge German Bretzel and he said no thank you, Bretzeln make him sick. :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  12. Damn it's already Wednesday. Missed that boat! That pic of that mom on the card is SCARY! lol

  13. #5 Seriously - why?!?!? Some people are really weird.
    #3 Loved the movies.
    #4 Don't worry about it! My dad is so absent-minded that he'd be the kind of person to forget his child on the bus - but I'm still here ;-) So if he can do it, you can too!

  14. #1 That was so nice! :) Rich'll get something for someof the people that come through here who are homeless, I think it helps them to see people care.

    #2 Preching the choir, sista! (Yes, I so just put 'sista', wtf?) I really, really hate traffic here - we're a small town, but add in a bunch of military, teenagers (small town, but it's freakin' packed), the retiree's, and everyone else? No lie, a 10 mile trip can take 30 minutes - and that's if there isn't a wreck. Ugh.

    #3 N.L. Europoean Vacation is my all-time favorite, besides the Christmas, obviously. I adore me some Chevy Chase. See, for that reason, that's why we're blog friends. Now if you'd just love Tom Selleck as much as I do, I"d marry you. Bahaha!

    #4 Having that dream is normal - and it just means you're worried abouthow you'd do as a parent. It's a constant fear for me - but one thing I do that helps is I put my purse (minus my phone) in the backseat floorboard so I have to get out and open the door. May seem silly to some, but it's just anothe reminder to look behind.

    #5 No. No. No.

    #6 I have it DVR'ed, but haven't stopped to watch it yet. The first episode suddenly dissapeared, but I have last nights on there.Hmmm.

    #7 Loved it :)

    #8 Go you! I can only make a string, haha!

    #9 I'm a fat kid, I can't pull off the skinny jean.

    #10 I haven't seen the show :-/

  15. you are SUCH a social worker - I love it.
    my husband and I were seriously considering buying our neighbourhood 'bottle collector' a bike cause he told us his got stolen :(
    it isn't officially the "holiday season' until I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation #classic.
    I'm SO enjoying your blog.

  16. I LOVE 666 Park Avenue! That scarf looks great! I love it. :) I'm so stoked for The Walking Dead! It can't be Sunday soon enough!

  17. The donut is very sweet of you, note to self: do a good deed today.
    I absolutely hate those dreams! I woke up bawling before, it's such a weird feeling of being so completely helpless. I hated it.
    Youre scarf inspired me to start my own! I'm an avid knitter but it takes 8 years to knit a scarf and I've crocheted a baby hat last year so I tried a scarf and it is so much easier/faster then knitting!
    What stitch did you use for this one?
    As per usual, thanks for hosting this link up!

  18. Ok the sarf is totally awesome looking! Love it! Might have to get you to teach jami and I at some point!

    Haven't seen 666 yet, but might give it a try!

    Ps skinny jeans? My legs don't like em! These hips (and thighs) don't lie!


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