Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I'm so over all of this political bullshit. Can we just hurry up & get this voting this out of the way? I'm getting tired of finding ways to change the subject when my mom asks who I'm voting for, the turd or the shit sandwich?

2. So sad, yet so true.

3.  Most people aren't going to agree with me but I'm totally gonna say it anyway, I'm happy JT & Jessica Biel got hitched. There, I said it & I'm not taking it back.

4. I need a maid. Preferably one that doesn't judge my disgusting mess or talk back. You know, like a robot. 

5. I've always thought Josh Brolin was a hottie but hot damn, he looks really fucking good for being 44. Brad Pitt, take notes.

6. Dear Gangnam Style, please go the fuck away already. I'd rather hear Aqua's "I'm a Barbie Girl" for 12 hours straight than have to listen to you one.more.time.

7. Story of my life.

8. As much as I'm loving the direction Revenge is going with fake Amanda falling & Nolan falling for Padma, I'm not at all liking that Jennifer Jason Leigh is playing Emily's mom. She's not pretty, has constant ugly duck lips, and is totally annoying as shit.

9. Rusty's work has a yearly Christmas party and even though I knew it was coming, cause it's not like December ever changes it's arrival, I'm not anywhere near prepared. 'Prepared' meaning I still haven't lost 10 lbs or bought an awesome outfit. I need money and a quick weight loss recipe that still includes delicious french fries and milkshakes.

10. It's pretty fucked up that I spent my entire teenage life being celibate out of fear of getting knocked up & now that I'm ready, it's not happening for me. So much for Mexican's being fertile :/

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  1. number 10 stop thinking out it :) when you stress over it it messes things up .....now Im in the same boat well starting soon and we got some stuff going against us so not stressing over it will be so hard for me not to do
    JT and JB getting married so happy about that also they are so cute together cant wait to see what their babies look like :)

  2. if you ever find the french fries and milkshake diet, please share.
    number 7 is also the story of my life!
    how long have you guys been trying? have you considered looking for doctors for help? I'm sure your body just needs time but sometimes its nice to know if everything is working and then at least you can go through all your options..?
    sending good vibes your way!

  3. Hahaha I soooo needed to read this right now. Hilarious!

  4. Oh yeah, that milkshake / French fries diet would be for me, too. Okay, it would have to include lots of coffee and chocolate as well! =)

  5. 1. And Josh Brolin is with Diane Lane (not Alien-Face Jolie). So that gives him bonus points.
    2. Pretty sure anything Jennifer Jason Leigh did after Ridgemont High would just shy in comparison.
    3. If someone tells you to relax regarding #10, just smack them. I'm not even in that situation, but if one more person tells one of my friends (who is in that situation) to relax, I'll snap. Also, I full expect that irony to take place when my time comes also. :/

  6. #6. When I was a freshman in high school my best friend loved Barbie Girl. So much so, she would force me [I was such a pushover] me to sing the Ken parts so she could sing the Barbie parts to boys on the phone.

    We weren't very popular if you couldn't tell.

    #8. Couldn't agree more.

    #9. Same here. I have like 100 pictures of Alfred's Christmas party from last year [I was slightly intoxicated] but only uploaded like 20 of them because I didn't figure anyone wanted to see the 10 lbs of muffins I was carrying around. Damn muffins.

    #10. Trying to get pregnant sucks. If you want someone to bitch too that won't feed you the "It will happen when it happens" bs. I'm your girl. I will totally tell your uterus I will punch it in it's face if it doesn't get its act together soon. I mean, we all know uterus's [uteri?] want to be slutty, so just get on the damn ball [literally] already.

  7. You should move to Germany, there is no such thing like sick leave! :)
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  8. I am all up for that French Fries and Milkshake diet, so please do share...

    Weather here is nuts since we have a Tropical Storm in the neighborhood, totally forgot to link up today... but promise I will be around next Tuesday!!!

  9. You need to order NEATO. My husband ordered it when it was offered on WOOT. Now it does the sweeping for me and does a great job. She does my work while I am playing tennis or golf or out getting groceries. We named it Consuelo and she is my new assistant.

  10. #4 I need one too, wanna share!

    #6 every school I go to they're playing this freaking song! Luckily I haven't heard the full thin and I don't need too!

    #8 revenge is starting to go too slow for me, I just wan something to happen!

    #9 I'm giving up sugar, so that means no milkshakes but all the chips you want... I just need to stop for a little while, the addiction is getting out of control!

    #10 I'm petrified of this! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  11. #2. Eight hours...to last til May. Sad.
    #3. I love it too! Did you see she wore pink??
    #6. Ok now...you know how that song makes me happy! Can we at least agree that it's better than Taylor Swift's latest?
    #10. This terrifies me. I sincerely hope it happens soon for you. Lots of love!

  12. #3 - I am still not too thrilled about Justin marrying Jessica. I'm one of those people who are still in denial about the Justin and Britney break-up. Yes, I still think they are meant to be and that if they didn't break up, Britney wouldn't have gone crazy.

    #6 - Gangnam Style rocks. It brought new meaning to my life after last weekend. I was at a lawyer's conference and the DJ played it twice. The old lawyers went buck dancing to it. It's for all ages and proves that everyone can dance to it. It's quite a workout when you actually do the dance.

    #8 - I love Nolan! I wish I had someone like him in my life - rich and funny. I agree with you about JJL, she's old and irrelevant. How did she get this gig on Revenge? I hope she gets killed off the show...by Emily, lol!


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