Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. I wish the nail polish on my hands would last as long as the one on my toes.

2. It's really more of a tease.

3. Does anyone else watch Copper? Cause all I want is for someone to agree with me about how fan-fucking-tastic Sunday's episode was. All those revelations, wow.

4. Dear fashion bloggers, please stop throwing your amazing sense of fashion in my face. Also, how the fuck do you make those annoyingly bright ass skinny jeans look so good? Ugh.

5. Have any of you seen the show, Workaholics? Rusty's been playing it randomly throughout the night while he plays computer games & I crochet and it's seriously never fails in making me laugh my ass off. Also, instead of saying 'ejaculate', we totally say e-jack now...and then giggle.
6. I've typed 'crotch' instead of crochet more times than I can remember. I'm a pervert.

7. You know what I've been craving like a mofo? Chick-fil-A chicken strips & waffle fries. Lunch today? I'm thinking yes.

8. Guess who's hosting the 2013 Golden Globes? That's right, move over Ricky Gervais, cause the ladies are here to show you how it's done. (I swear, they better not fuck this up.)

9. You know those giant popcorn tins that they sell around Christmas time? I want one of those giant fuckers jam packed with jalapeno cheese popcorn cause it is so damn delicious.

10. Liars!

* * * * *

Tag, you're it. Create your own random 10 on Tuesday & link up here so I have something to read while I'm avoiding work. I mean...alright, whatever, it's true.


  1. Oh my GAWD I am going to admit it here, I love Workaholics. Love it. Even though I am *almost* old enough to be their mom (ok maybe older sister) I am unabashedly in love with those guys. There is a little boy named Anders at my school, and one day I asked him, "Hey, Anders..does anyone ever call you Ders?" He looked at me kind of funny and I shut up real fast.

    I like the cheddar/caramel popcorn combo. Tin of crack, I tell ya.

    And yes Amy and Tina! They are simply the best.

    Fun Ten today Lin!


  2. I LOVE COPPER :) so hooked to this show :) ....I hate how my nail polish never last thats why I paint my nails every three days ...unless I splurge and pay someone else to paint them then they last longer ...

  3. 1. no kidding. Can't some one come up with something to fix that?!

    2. It IS a tease! But seriously, I don't feel quite as bad downing 5 of these bad boys. Well, maybe.

    3. Agh! Don't tell me!!!

    4. I hate those Marshall commercials (have you seen those?) where they advertise these fabulous clothes that even me, the horible fashion person that I am, can pull off. pfft, yeah right.

    5. Workaholics is amazeballs.

    6. Dirty girl.

    7. Great, now I want that for lunch.

    8. When I heard that I was so freakin' excited!!! Talk about lovely chemistry!

    9. Walmart has started selling those. I'm too afraid to buy one as I know I'll eat that sucker all by myself.

    10. Cute liars!!

  4. I'm hearing you - I just painted my nails yesterday evening and already they're chipped. Maybe that's because I felt like scratching out some eyes today ;-) My toe nails are still perfect from over two weeks ago - talk about unfair.
    Yay, Tina Fey! No way are they going to fuck this up. You have to have some trust! ;-)

  5. Dude, I'm so excited for Tina and Amy-I might actually watch LOL

  6. LOL, love the last pic, hi-la-rious.

    Sorry I don't have to say much on the tv shows as I just don't have cable or even watch much TV... but I do crotch (I mean, crochet) a lot, ha!

  7. I also wish the nail polish on my hands would stay on as long as the nail polish on my feet.

  8. I love these post... and why is it nail polish last so much longer on your toes than on your fingers? It's not like I do that much at work:-)

  9. nail polish always freaks me out. it never lasts as long as i want it too. and then i get annoyed.
    i need to check out copper!
    have a lovely week, dear!

  10. Cute post! I love it!

  11. I am unbelievably excited to see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together! Wheee! I'll be in Japan by then so I'll need to bum off of someone or stream it online, but it's going down. Can't wait!

  12. I've been trying to avoid the 'fun sized' candy at work all week, so far I am successful - can't imagine I'll last all week though. I can tell you what's not 'fun sized' though, the size of my jeans if I don't avoid those f*ckers! Tina & Amy hosting the Golden Globes has got to be the best thing ever, hoping it'll be at least half as good as I'll build it up in my mind to be!

  13. I'm with you on #6. How is your crocheting going by the way? FYI, I almost typed crotching, lol!

  14. #1 ALWAYS! Ugh! Also, love love love Workaholics!

  15. That was the BEST over the pants HJ I've ever had I E-Jacked so had and while I know I didn't even touch you, the moment we shared was awesome.

  16. Maybe I pee my pants a little every time I watch Baby Mama. Love those ladies.


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