Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

*Warning: This post includes a DEXTER spoiler.

1. I can't lie to you guys, this post is totally going to be thrown together in a matter of minutes. My neck hurts, I still can't look left or right, Rusty's not home to baby me and I'm hungry but dont want to walk to the kitchen. Oh...could today get any worse? *whine whine whine*

2. Be careful when you give the ok for your husband to buy a new gun, ladies. Chances are just ONE gun won't be enough, he'll be on a gun high for the next few months & want to continue buying more of them like you've got tons of money in the bank instead of just a measly $11.

3. Haha...these kids are awesome. All they needed was a little run down RV.

4. I may be the shittiest wife around. Rusty's supposed to be 'birthday' cake is still sitting in its box, on the counter, taunting him with all it's possible goodness each time he passes it. I should probably be nice & bake it already. Granted it's not his bday anymore but it's funfetti cake so you dont really need a reason to eat it.

5. DEXTER SPOILER: Holy fuck, I didn't want Sunday's episode to end. So glad this show's getting back on the awesome track.

6. I hate it when people don't have their priorities straight. If you say you're going to do something then fucking do it. It's not ok for you to keep putting it off just because something more interesting has come up.

7. Microwaveable movie theater butter popcorn is absolutely a great dinner substitute, I don't care what anyone says.

8. On the count of 3 lets all be jealous of Darbie's awesome looking hair...1, 2, 3.

9. Did you guys see what Anne Hathaway wore on her wedding day? It's like the girl lost a bet with some friends & they all got to pick out the worst thing they could find at the 'fugly wedding apparel' store. I never thought anything could actually beat Kim Kardiashian's ghetto gypsy looking headpiece but Anne's did.

10. Guilty.

* * * * * 

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  1. LMFAO! @ Anne Hathaways dress comments!

  2. #9 That thing on her head?!?
    #6 It is, but don't sue the companies for getting a popcorn lung! ;-)

  3. #3 - That's awesome!! I have to show that to Chris!
    #5 - I've never watched a single episode of Dexter but the girl in the clip kind of looks like Hope Solo.
    #9 - Very disappointing.

  4. OMG! You crack me up! I hated Anne Hathaways dress! I love Dexter! I didn't think Deb would figure out who he was right away. I thought that it would be the season her figuring out that he was the ice truck killer. And now LaGuerta is looking in to the slides!? And I hate Mesuka's intern. He is creepy and obsessed with Dexter!
    I wish I would have done the top 10 today! I will link up next week!

  5. *blush* and here am complaining about my hair half the time :( Im still learning what to do with it its never been this long before

  6. Oh wow, that dress is weird!
    I really hope you will feel better soon, sweetie!
    And I guess I need a gun too! :)
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Those kids are awesome!

    I was really surprised how good the first episode of Dexter was, I'm hoping this season is so good it makes me forget how awful the last two have been :-/

  8. what the fuck is she wearing? I hadn't really paid attention to her wedding photos. WOW.

    Thanks for posting this had a spoiler. I had to make sure to skip that part. I haven't watched it yet. eek!

  9. DEXTER! no words.
    and poor Anne, ugh, she'll regret that one.

  10. Can I just say I hate Anne Hathaway? I never noticed how incredibly bizarre she looked until I saw Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. Which I loved and so does my daughter. But Anne has a big face, with big teeth and since then I added her to my ugly column. Then she goes and wears a gauze headwrap that only severe head trauma patients were and it just confirms it. Even in that picture she looks like a confused boy being forced to play dress up with his sister.

  11. Anne Hathaways headpiece...what the? hope your neck feels better! sore necks totally wreck a mood...like all day.

  12. Anne Hathaways headpiece is just not what I would want to wear for my own wedding. One would think that celebrities would have good taste since they are always in the public eye. Maybe she wore that thinking about starting a new trend. Epic fail and she might regret that headpiece many years down the road.

    I hope your neck pain goes away soon.

  13. Uhh! I am so behind on Dexter it's ridiculous! I need to get on that asap.

  14. Totally love the e card!!!!! You have no idea how much i think that at work! Great post even if it was thrown together!



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