Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Showering With Chelsea Handler...

While doing everything and anything other than actual work this morning, I came across this video of Sandra Bullock bitch slapping Chelsea Handler in the shower. I know, totally sounds like a teenage boy's wet dream, but it's not.

video link here, in case you can see it:

It's really the just opening part that's the funniest so don't feel like you have to keep watching the video. Truth is, I couldn't find a clip of just the opening scene and was forced to post the whole thing. I've never been a fan of this show, since you know, it's not funny like After Lately is. Then again it probably doesn't help that Jennifer Aniston is boring as shit as a guest.

Lady's hot but I'd rather bite into a giant stinky onion than watch her be interviewed.

Moving on...I think we should give mad props (do people still say that or am I just old now?) to Chelsea for showing off her not-so-perfectly-toned body. That's what real women look like!

And, is it just me or does it look like Sandy's had a little more work done around the eyes? She's looking a little 'tight' in the face and it's not doing her any favors. Sometimes you just gotta let life happen or you'll end up looking like a defective blow up doll. *cough* Joan Rivers *cough*


  1. I was unable to watch the video, said "this content is unavailable", but I have read one of her books (Chelsea's) and it was pretty funny!

  2. I used to watch her show all the time...well just the first half with the table guest ...loved it when Joe Koy was on there he is hilarious

  3. I still say mad props but seeing as I'm closer to 30 than 20 now, um I'm probably not a good person to base any coolness off of.
    But you're so right, huge mad props to Chelsea! That takes guts & I think she looks fantastic. It's nice to see a little jiggle on a girl.

  4. Sandra said, "..tiny little lady bits"


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