Thursday, October 18, 2012

Random Thursday: Things I Love About Fall

It's Random Thursday time! 
Which of course means it's time for a somewhat mindless but oh-so-very fun post. Hopefully all you cool kats will not only be reading this but also joining Em, Sarah, and I for today's topic, which is...

I wish I could say I'm feeling the effects of the Fall season right now, but I'm not. Truth is SoCal's being a bit of a stubborn dick-wad and is allowing the awful summer heat to stick around a while longer. Yesterday's temp was 103 at 5pm...wtf?!

Anyway, here's all the stuff I normally love about Fall ->

Starbucks coffee on a cold morning

Cinnamon Dulce Latte

Comfort food
Double layered Pumpkin Cheesecake (the BEST I've ever made!)

Fall scents
Apple cinnamon candles are the fucking best.

Fall TV
As if you weren't already aware of my addiction, right? Yeah, I'm a TV junkie. The proof is here.

Warm & comfortable 'fall' outfits
fall date night

Fall Bum It

'Bumming it' style is more like everyday style up in here. What can I say, I'll forever be 17.

* * * *

Alrighty, now it's your turn to share all the things you love about Fall! It's fun, you'll get a few extra page views & comments...us bloggers love that shit. Also, it's fun.

Next weeks topic: All Things Halloween...


  1. That cinnamon coffee sounds delish - just enough calories for me now! =)

  2. Ahh yes. Fall outfits. Didn't even think of those! Yours are so cute too - you really are SO stylish!

  3. What is about those pumpkins? I honestly don't get it, everyone is blogging about it, and well I'm just not that into it... but then again Halloween wasn't a thing we celebrated in Denmark when I grew up and now we are, so who knows, in 10 years I will be blogging about my crave for pumpkin spice lattes:)

  4. Oh, I totally forgot about the comfort food! That's a very important part of fall. :) I love eating!
    Thanks for coming up with all the great topics, dear!

  5. Oh I wish we called it Fall and I wish we got all the amazing Starbucks drinks (I had my very first ever Pimpkin Spiced Latte last week, AWESOME!).

  6. The Fall Date Night set is gorgeous, love the purple color of the shirt. I can't get enough Fall comfort food & tasty Starbucks drinks, my personal favorite thing of any Fall!

  7. I dress like a 17 year old too. Cinnamon dulce?? I've never tried it. Sounds good!
    And I think it's a proven fact that Starbucks tastes better on non workdays.

  8. fall tv is a big fav of mine! And I've always loved fall clothes. For years in high school and university I worked at a clothing store. I'd spend my whole summer's earnings on clothes when September came!

  9. Hiya Lin, sorry I've missed this link-up for the past couple of weeks, can't seem to get my act together in time!

    It's amazing but autumn (fall) has exploded here in London just over the past few days. I was walking down the road on Saturday and was absolutely overwhelmed by the colour! Magical. We don't get that in South Africa at all.

    I do like a good gingerbread latte too!

    Have a great week!


  10. I have also missed a couple weeks of Random Thursday, sorry but I will make sure to join this week.

    I'm not a fan of Fall so my post would have been about why I hate Fall. I'm a hater so it's a good idea that I didn't do it, lol!

    I do love anything pumpkin! This Thanksgiving for us, someone didn't bring pumpkin pie :(


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