Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Thursday: Blogger Pet Peeves

Is it just me or does Thursday get here really quickly? Not that it's a bad thing or anything, I really love posting these Random Thursday posts & reading all of yours. It's all you awesome peeps that keep this thing going;  Em, Sarah, and I send you a giant virtual high five for continuing to join us every week.

Now let's move on to why you're all here... today's topic:

Out of all the fun topics we've had, this one is by far my favorite. Why? Because I love to bitch about the things that annoy me. If I could make a career out of bitching I'd be in fucking heaven.

1. Noreply-Comment: Nothing grinds my gears more than getting a fantastic comment & not being able to personally respond to it. If you liked my post, you can bet your sweet ass your gonna love my comment back. That is of course, if it can get to you. (dont be a noreply loser, change it)

2. Autoplay Music: No no no no. Don't do it, this isn't MySpace. Also, it makes your page load REALLY slowly. And I have to be honest, if it takes too long to load I don't even stick around.

3. Child Nudity: I don't care if your child's only a toddler, it's not ok to put nude-ish photos of your kids on the net. I have one word for you: Pedophiles.

4. No Menu Bar: Every blog needs one, IMO. I'm very impatient & I don't like to waste my time looking through posts for info about you. If I'm looking for a way to contact you I want to be able to click a button or if I'm visiting for the first time you can bet I'm not going to read through all your post, Im looking for an 'About Me' link.

5. Follow Me Back: To leave a comment like this on my blog is in bad taste. I dont mind you introducing yourself telling me you're a new follower & asking to check you out but if you're trying to get me to follow you, this is not the way you want to go. I browse all my followers (old/new) & spread the blog love but never give a pity follow.

6. Captcha: I've got really bad eyes, I wear glasses, why are you trying to make it worse by making me squint & guess at this mishmash of crazy?

7. Ad Space For Sale: I get we're all broke & trying to make an easy buck but selling ad space to other bloggers...really? I'm all for charging companies, hell they make the big bucks off you but bloggers are just as broke as your ass. What's crazier is that people actually pay this shit. Wow.

8. White on Black: My eyes, they burn! This is actually worse than that damn captcha. At least then I'm not completely cross-eyed after trying to focus. (click the image above to see what I wrote)

* * * * *

I probably could have kept listing a ton more but then I'd just look like some goody-two-shoes. Truth is you should do what you want with your blog regardless of what I anyone has to say. Fuck it, it's yours. But lets be honest, everyone has "Blogger Pet Peeves," so share yours with us!

Next weeks topic: Superhero Powers...


  1. You're so right! I've totally forgotten #7 - I think this is majorly weird. If I like a blog, I might put their button somewhere (not always in the sidebar, though, this is just too exhausting for the eyes) or swap buttons with them. What's the use in that?

  2. Hi, I learn so much just by reading these blogger pet peeves! I got here through Anja from Cocalores and I am just starting to recognize all these random questions I have about blogging and other blogs. I still do not know what to do with my own blog but this is helping me a lot!! Thanks

  3. I hate captcha's. I totally forgot it on my list, but OMFG do I hate it. I once had a captcha with a pi symbol in it. Really?? WTF captcha?? haha

  4. Wow, you're good. It's like we share the same brain waves.
    I feel real guilt for not "following back" sometimes. But I also try to only follow blogs that I legitimately want to read. Followers do not equal readers.
    I bought ad space ONCE for $10 because I was like, "I'll TRY it. Just see what happens." Uh, nothing happened and the chick spelled my name wrong. I was ticked.
    If you see my button somewhere it's because the person put it there themselves (which makes my happy heart skip a beat) or because I won the space or swapped it.
    Blogging for advertisements/followers alone is a stressful business and I don't know why people care THAT much.

  5. I couldnt agree more with #3. Especially after seeing some of the search terms my site gets because of its name. Its just terrible! I wish parents would think before they post any photos!

  6. You are so fucking right. I hate, hate, HATE when people don't have their email tied to their blogger profile. If that's the case, then why are you even here? If you're going to comment on my blog, I should have the right to tell you that you are awesome or you are a moron who should die.

    Don't even get me started on the whole captcha thing. It's like, who do you think you are that you need to have that? Granted, my blog will turn it on for no reason periodically so I have to go in and check once in awhile to make sure it's not on because Blogger hates me, but still. I just don't feel like I should have to work to tell someone off.

  7. You have many excellent points listed here. 2,4,5 and 6 are the major ones for me. Most of all those people that say if you follow me I will follow back. It is not all about the followers it is about those individuals that actually read the blog.

  8. I agree with ALL of these!! I don't get why people would by these ad spaces. They're just being taken advantage of.

  9. I so need a menu bar ......I just never get around do doing on :(
    and captcha that thing gets me every time...need to go make sure I dont have that set up to

  10. I love how frank you are. You're the funniest. I never thought about the nude-child thing - it is actually MORE than creepy now that I think about it. Also something I hate? When people put pictures of their children crying. That's just weird.

  11. Wow. I'm terrified now that I've broken your rules! Although I do hate captcha!

  12. i'm with you on the dark background/bright font. i follow this one blog that had a dark blue background with yellow font; it was like the blog was screaming at my eyes every time i went to read his new posts. i wanted to continue to follow him but it hurt my eyes every time i tried to read it so i sent him a nice email kindly asking him to please change the layout otherwise i wouldn't be able to read his blog anymore because it hurt my eyes. he was nice enough to do that.

    web-friendly fonts are a must too. i don't like blogs with weird script font -- makes it hard to read so i move along.

  13. responding to your comment on my post... your button does work!!

  14. Oh, I HATE the "follow back" comments! DESPERATE!!!

  15. Captcha will be the death of us...

  16. I can't stand captcha either!! I'll explain why in a minute, as I'm the evil, loser no-reply blogger. Here's why:
    I have severe nerve damage, so the less clicking, typing, and opening emails that just say "thanks" the better. i also get frustrated that, why i appreciate the email response of "thanks for visiting" 97% never visit my blog. and i work pretty hard on it!

    Instead, I don't moderate my comments via all those emails and view them on my dashboard instead. I visit and leave a comment on their blog, since if they took the time to visit, i feel should return the favor. if it's something personal, i'll email them instead. I also use a speech-to-text program so i can respond.

    I hope you understand and visit me instead. I'm definitely following your adorable blog and hope to see you soon. :)


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