Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Thursday: All Things Halloween

It's Thursday! Thank jeebus too cause that means that today's my Friday & I no longer have to try coming up with lame excuses to not go into work for the day.

Since Halloween's only days away, this weeks topic is of course...

Rusty & I don't normally do anything but pass out candy to the local kids & candy hungry slutty dressed teens on Halloween. We're pretty laid back that way, you know, like senior citizens. Also, this damn holiday always manages to land on a weekday so it doesn't really leave us with much of a choice. This year is probably going to go about the same way, with the exception of visiting our friends haunted house for a bit...yeah, we're totally fucking partying it up this time around. 

Here are a few random things I found on the net that I thought I'd share.

1. Skeleton fetus - so damn cute. If my ovaries would stop being turds I could be sporting this.
2. Halloween strawberries - Festive chocolate covered strawberries? I'll take 19 lbs, please!
3. Baby Don Draper - Fucking hilarious. Love that he's carrying a glass of scotch.
4. South Park boys - I dont understand how anyone could not find this show funny. It's vulgar & hilarious. Also, look at their bad ass costumes this year. So. Cool.
5. Beetlejuice - Best. Movie. Evah. A Halloween classic that'll never get old.
6. Pumpkin bunt-cake - So easy & cute. There's no way even I could fuck this up.
7. "Witch, please" ecard - The witch reminds me of Samantha from 'Bewitched' & love that it's a play off "Bitch, please."
There was no way I could NOT post this. In case you didnt know, I dislike the talent-less KStewart with a serious passion.  Also, had I not decided to be a lame ass this year, Wednesday Addams was going to be my halloween costume. Meh, there's always next year.
I was going to post pictures of the decorations around my house but I forgot to snap a few pictures earlier today. Don't worry you're not missing much, just a few cotton cob webs on the porch with some Halloween window decals. I can't even claim I put the up, it was the neighbors daughter & my god-daughters doing. I'm lazy. It's the sad truth.

* * * * * *

Join the fun! I'm not lying, it's really fun...the posts, the comments, the blog love. F-U-N.

Tell us what you'll be doing this Halloween, what you'll be wearing or simply share random Halloween stuff you've come across or like. 

Next weeks topic: Top 5 Must Read Blogs...


  1. My friend was a character on South Park! How freaking cool is that! Halloween is getting bigger in Australia, and we've grabbed some candy in case our neighbourhood kids come a knocking.

  2. eff I want those strawberries.

  3. Loved Wednesday. She's the coolest of the gang. So what IS your Halloween costume?

  4. I love Wednesday too, in fact I just watched "The Addams Family" just last night... it's kind of like u read my mind!

    Also love the Skeleton Fetus shirt, hope u get to rock that very soon!

  5. Love Halloween...some Australians love it, but others hate it with a passion lol Hard to ignore here though because our stores are basically ramming it down peoples' throats haha halloween stuff is everywhere! xo

  6. So funny! I think you and I were separated at birth. I will not be going all out for Halloween this year, but normally I try to. I might grab an old pirate costume to take my daughter out trick or treating. She's too young for candy, so I suppose I'll eat it for her!

  7. DYING at that Wednesday Addams thing! So funny!

  8. We find ourselves in agreement on KStew. Just awful.
    I've always been a Christmas nut but the past few years, Halloween has become a very close 2nd for my favorite holiday!
    Just for the record, the skeleton baby shirt freaks me the heck out!

  9. Love Halloween. A friend of mine wants to dress up like Beetlejuice tomorrow night, so that should be kind of fun. I was Mrs. Peacock (From the game Clue, you know)for a Halloween party I threw this year...yes, I did it early. :)

    Those strawberries are yum. I want five hundred please. The E-card is kind of hilarious. they make some really good ones.


  10. I was totally Wednesday Addams one year! Haha.. loved the Wednesday pic! I totally agree.

  11. I like the Wednesday Adams picture. (Did you expect me NOT to?)
    Beetlejuice, to me, is the most terrifying movie ever. I don't know why. I just find it horribly creepy and depressing. My mom always told me I was weird and it was supposed to be funny.

  12. Now I want to watch The Adam's Family because I saw that picture of Wednesday. Halloween is my favorite holiday and one of these days I might sit at home and pass out candy. But in the mean time I am going to use the excuse of having a kid to get free candy. Buahaha I love raiding her candy.

  13. Love you halloween post! but really love that you posted the topic for next week with the link! This totally helped me out this time around! Thanks! Maybe just do this every week insteado f sending me a separate email? So sorry that mail chimp stinks!


  14. Wednesday Addams is awsome, The Addams Family is one of my favorite movies!!!!


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