Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keep Some For Yourself, It's For Their Own Good

The candy holiday is here, Happy Halloween!

I can only imagine how excited dentists are right now, just thinking of all the damage we're doing to these kids teeth with all that delicious candy...new car, next years family vacation...all paid for by little Timmy's rotten ass teeth.

Am I saying you shouldn't let your kids go out & collect mounds of chocolaty goodness? Hell no. All I'm saying is you should take about 95% of it for yourself, be a good parent, save little Timmy's teeth from that awful cavity monster.

I know what you're thinking, "what if I don't have a kid?"  Well, it's easy. Borrow one.

That's what I'm doing.

Rusty & I are taking our god-daughter trick-or-treating tonight & at the end of the night when she thinks her little paws are gonna get all of that candy, we're gonna help her out by taking a part of it. You know, for her own good.

* * * *

Also, I didnt end up dressing up this year. Too much work.

But, I did manage to find my nifty cookie demon monster t-shirt that I got for free like 2 years ago... minimalist Halloween win!

please ignore the muffin top. stupid black, it's not slimming at all.


  1. I think, when I have kids, I may take the candy fairy approach: The candy fairy leaves a toy in exchange for a bag of candy.
    Any child with my sweet tooth barely has a chance as it is, so I might as well.
    (Speaking of fairies, judging by what I hear from my 4th graders, they get an average of $15 per lost tooth. I use to get 4 quarters per tooth. If I was lucky.)

  2. Taking candy for myself is always the best part of Halloween. Have fun taking the god-daughter out. Happy Halloween!!

  3. LOVE that shirt! I need to find one, stat! ;-)

  4. I have my "I <3 Vampires" shirt on with full muffin top. I've gotten larger since the last Twilight movie and this makes me angry.

  5. Happy trick-or-treating!
    I am in love with your shirt!

  6. Happy Halloween. It's so good to know you are such a responsible adult and all for the sake of kid's teeth!

  7. That shirt is adorable. And why didn't I think of stealing a kid? Well, there's always next year!

  8. All the places we stopped at last night [like 6] were all family so they loaded us up with the good stuff. And yep, I was all "Lillie, grab the Snickers. Mom loooovvveeess Snickers." And then when we got home I ate them all.
    Seriously, true story.

  9. Ha ha, love that shirt! Well, I hope you taught your goddaughter the oh-so-important life lesson of sharing ;-)


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