Monday, October 15, 2012

I Was Productive This Weekend...Kind Of.

This weekend was a total failure as far as blogging & social media go.

I had these plans to catch up on all my unread blog posts, get convos going on twitter, heart some pictures on Instagram...yeah, none of that shit happened. I think I was on twitter like a total of 30 minutes in the last three days.

I've hit a slump. Every topic sounds lame, my brain can't put together more than a simple sentence, and I feel like I owe  you guys more than some bullshit I put together just because I want something/anything on here.

See what a nice person I am :)

Good news is, the weekend wasn't a complete bust because I did get some stuff done. Important, too, I might add.

Also, Rusty & I have been invited to a Halloween party on the 28. How uncool would it be show up as myself? This lady's broke as hell thanks to her husbands expensive mouth (no, I'm not paying him for mouth sex sickos, Im talking about dental work) so it's either going as my-awesome-self or trying to fit into my old HS cheer outfit.

And, believe me, NO ONE wants to see that shit. It'll be straight up horror movie status with the amount of muffin top I'll be sporting.


  1. I'm telling you: I'm wearing a tiara and calling it a costume.
    Also, they have shirts at Target that say "I don't do costumes". Just an idea.
    Unless you want ideas because you like dressing up, That's a separate matter entirely.

  2. Ha ha, I love how you label catching up on all recorded TV as productive - that's so me! ;-)
    How about dressing up as your man for Halloween? That might be fun, and you already have the outfit lying around!
    PS If you are looking for a post topic, why not join me for my Wednesday Evening Rant? (Okay, yeah, cheap way of promoting myself - go on and rant about it *g*)

  3. Im totally in the same place, and it doesnt help that my inlaws are here. I sat down this morning and saw that my reader had 433 unread posts. WHAT!? But hey at least you got up and did something this weekend. I pretended to be busy all weekend and didnt get much done. LOL!
    As for the Halloween party, I would totally just rip up old clothes and be a zombie, we totally did that last year!
    Hope your hubs is feeling better after all that money.

  4. haha so Sinister was good or bad? Sounds like a fun trip but a bad movie? Or vice versa? Either way, hope your Monday treats you well :)

  5. hahahaha paying for mouth sex. I love that your randomly throw that shit in to the middle of an innocent post.

  6. sometimes it is entirely ok to disconnect from the blogging world and other forms of social media during the weekend, a break is necessary so dont feel bad

  7. Sometimes it feel as if life gives you way too many things at once and not enough hours in the day, right?

    My Halloween last minute resource:
    Flip flops, hawaiian shirt or flowery top, shorts, hat, sunglasses, camera and map= tourist!!!

    Have a great week and hope u have time to do everything you want or at least time to procrastinate, ha!

  8. I feel the same way about all my posts lately. Sometimes you just need a break to get the creative juices flowing.

  9. Oh wow, you caught up on all your shows?! Awesome! Hope you enjoyed it! I am still far behind!

  10. You're hilarious, love that 'Sinister' is on your Pro & Con list, lol. I say enough of the blogger guilt - real life stuff is more important, and getting organized feels great! On the easy/cheap Halloween costume front, I saw this (http://www.marthastewart.com/265451/rib-cage-t-shirt) turtorial, easy skeleton! Or, you and Rusty could be Supermarket Sweep contestents! We were going to do that this year, but have no parties to go to :) Happy Monday Lin!

  11. I told CJ I was going to dress up as a woman from the town we live in. They have a very particular "style." The last time we dressed up, we went as Peter & Lois Griffin. Hahaha. CJ refused to stuff his shirt with a pillow, though, so no one guessed he was Peter since he's so dang skinny. Brat! You can carry around 8 baby dolls, line your lips out to *here* and go as Octomom. ;)

  12. wear your normal clothes and invest in a $2 bottle of avocado face mask & put it on your fame & arms & go as a zombie :)

  13. As much as I love the idea of Halloween, I'm somewhat glad we don't do it big at home. I'm not a dresser-upper! But I love someone else's comment of the t-shirt that says "I don't do costumes!"

  14. I noticed that many of us bloggers who may have been "met" a couple of years ago have not been blogging as much as before and I think that it's okay. It's nice to not have to worry about keeping up with social media. I like what you have accomplished over the weekend. I did some sewing, met up for brunch with my BFF and caught up TV shows. A break from Twitter and blogging is nice every once in a while.

  15. Did Sinister scare the beejeebies out of you?!


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