Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Swap Goodies...Yes, Please!

A few weeks ago I announced this impromptu swap and because it was a spur of the moment thing I really didn't expect anyone to sign up. Fortunately, I was wrong & Caiti, Ashley, Miranda, Tamara, Addy, and Annie joined in the fun. Thanks ladies, you fucking rock!

Due to there being an uneven number of us we sent a package to one person & received one from someone else...something I've never done before but enjoyed a lot.

Addy sent me a package full of Fall/Halloween goodies which I absolutely loved. Seriously, if you guys are ever paired up with her you've hit the mother-load.

Personalized coffee cup card w/free Starbucks coffee / Halloween beverage labels / Harvest style treat bags / Apple Cinnamon potpourri / Scarecrow pen / "Bless Our Home" decorative pumpkin / "Handmade with Love" rubber stamp / Brown ink pad / Homemade "Addy's Pumpkin Bites" / Recipe for Pumpkin Bites / Reusable canvas bag w/my blog name printed on it (photo below).

Told ya it was a great package. Look at those pumpkin bites, yum! I have a few left but it's hard not to inhale them all at once.

Thanks for all the great stuff, Addy!

* * * * * *

For those of you gals that have received your package already & are posting about it, link up here so we can all check out your goods.


  1. Girl! You scored big time!!! Addy rocks!

  2. Um, what the hell, and why didn't I know about this?! This just furthers my argument that Google Reader hates me because I saw nothing about this. *angry eyes*

  3. Darn it one I need to sign up for the swap next time! You got a bunch of goodies. Those pumpkin bites look delicious!

  4. Dude, so much fun. Seriously, loved it. And your package - amaze-frickin-balls. You scored!

  5. Yay! I am glad you like it! I had fun putting it together <3

  6. Wow..you got an awesome package! I'll be in for the Christmas one. : )

  7. fun! You got awesome goodies! I love love loved doing this! Got some amazing stuff :)

  8. The homemade pumpkin bites, the handmade with love stamp and the bag with your blog name on it - coolest swap items EVER! You lucked out!!!!


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