Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guess Size Really Does Matter

Rusty & I went out to the shooting range this weekend because obviously us claiming we have NO money means we spend about a $100 on admission, ammo, and gas for a few hours of fun.

Looks like I'll be eating cup of noodles for the next two weeks.

I dont know if I've mentioned on here but the last time we went to the range (3 weeks ago) Rusty came back on a gun high & bought himself a Ruger 22/45. It's a really awesome little gun, one I've already claimed as mine.

But now, his taste has moved onto bigger things. Literally.

See...it's a pretty big fucker. To make matters worse he got his hands on one at the range. The dude next to us was going wild & when he saw Rusty standing there drooling over it he offered to let him shoot it. Seriously, I thought we were going to have to pry him away from it.

Of course, the next morning all I heard about how he wanted one. I tried explaining that he had just bought 2 new guns in the last 30 days, but that didnt seem to matter one bit cause dude's got some serious gun envy going on.

"It's like touching another man's penis. I want to touch my own!" -- words that actually came out of the man's mouth.

So, I guess he has penis envy, too...?

Boys are strange.

I suppose it always comes down to size for them. And, considering Rusty's been trying to build his AR15 for the last year and only has this little fella to show for it, I can see why size matters.

this is only the lower part of the big gun above
Gotta admit, it's nothing I'd flaunt. Possible Christmas gift idea? Definitely. Don't know if I'm a fan of spending $500 on parts but for the sake of his ego, he may get another inch or two to add on to it.

'Cause all us girls know, an inch or two can sometimes make all the difference.


  1. Ha ha, even though I still find guns strange, the penis analogy had me laughing out loud!

  2. Point for Rusty!

    I've shot everything from tiny handguns to a big ass 50 cal (courtesy of the USMC) and its safe to say that size does matter!

    At least be dropped a great idea for Christmas?

  3. Oh wow, you are allowed to shoot with such a thing? :) That's a little scary!

  4. That Ruger looks awesome!! My boyfriend bought me a new handgun for my birthday back in May, and he just bought another handgun for himself. He and a friend went to the range a week ago (I missed out cause I was still sick) and now he has his sights set on an Uzi. Get it..his sights! Haha bad gun joke. And yay for Christmas ideas!

  5. That penis analogy is quite hilarious! It's definitely an expensive item, but certainly a good gift idea. :)


  6. Best post ever! Lol....this is hilarious. Luckily my Guy is not really into guns...just BB guns & he doesn't currently have one. I have never really been a fan of them myself and I am a klutz. So, while we will die in the zombie apocalypse, at least I won't accidentally kill myself first. At least not with a gun. : )


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