Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. In my opinion, the last great movie Nicholas Cage was ever in was 'It Could Happen To You'. Damn movie gets me every. damn. time.

2. Rusty is amazing. Not only is he hilarious & cute but last night, on his birthday, he stopped everything he was doing in order to find me random shit for this post. Love it.

3. Wuah wuah wuah...
found by Rusty
4. There is nothing wrong with yelling at your TV when a show pisses you off.

5. Guess what I found out yesterday? Eating 2 big bowls of brownies topped with ice cream is too much for my belly to handle. Less is more...when will I ever remember this? Oh yeah, never, cause it tastes so awesome.

6. And then I laughed & I laughed & I then continued to laugh even harder...


7. Rusty & I watched 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' over the weekend as as much as I wanted to come on here & completely bash the fuck out of it, I can't because it was actually somewhat good. Not the fact there are supposedly thousands of monkey's in San Fran alone (that's just stupid & we could totally take them out with tranquilizers), but the story line wasn't too shabby.

8. I just now realized how much work I actually have to do. I'd ask myself how I managed to get SO behind at work but the truth is, it's all you guys' fault. Damn you for writing all those kick ass posts & being entertaining on twitter. Yes, you should totally be ashamed of yourself.

9. This is my new favorite movie. If you guys haven't seen it, do it. Seriously.

10. If you live in or near any of these cities: Orlando, FL; Buena Park, CA; Lyndhurst, NJ; Schaumburg, IL; Dallas, TX; Myrtle Beach, SC; Baltimore/Washington, D.C.; Atlanta, GA; Toronto, Canada),  you should enter my new kick ass giveaway for 4-tickets to Medieval Times. Seriously, this place is fucking amazing, you owe it to yourself to at least try to win.
enter here
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I know some of you early birds *cough* Amber *cough* have already got your 10 on Tuesday up so here's the link up for ya...can't wait to see what you got going on ->


  1. Hello! Found your blog via "A Look Into Me" with Stacy and decided to give this a try today!

    See you around, new follower :)

  2. That was very sweet of Rusty to help you on his birthday. Happy Birthday Rusty!

    I definitely need to see MiB3 because I really liked the first two.

  3. #1: I haven't seen that movie but I have to check it out!
    # 2: He really is amazing!
    #3: Hahaha...
    #4: No, there is nothing wrong with it! I do it too!
    #7: Haven't seen it either!
    # 10: I wish there would be one close to where I live!
    Have a fabulous day!

  4. Loved the new Men in Black! :)

  5. Okay, I still haven't caught up on any of my 500+ (yes, 500+) items on my reader, but I wanted to show the Lin some love.

    I watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes a week or so ago, it wasn't completely terrible but those monkeys freaked me out man. Also didn't help that I HATE watching anything when animals are abused real or not. Overall, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

    What TV show were you watching that pissed you off? I do that 'ish all the time!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for those Mediveal Times tickets, looks like you're my good luck charm when it comes to giveaways - the CD & Food Fest tickets have been the only ones I've ever won!

  6. 1. I'm sorry, but I have to say that Nicholas Cage has never done a good movie. EVER.

    2. The guy clearly has his priorities straight.

    3. HAHA!

    4. Of course not. Why would anyone think there was?? It's also okay to throw things, provided you don't concuss anyone.

    5. That's like me and pie. Mmmmm.....pie.....

    6. I hope she didn't die.

    7. Haven't seen it yet. Don't want to develop a fear of apes on top of my fear of spiders and snakes. (I also won't watch Snakes on a Plane.)

    8. *hangs head*....*then realizes that it can't have been me 'cos I haven't been on Twitter in weeks.*

    9. Oh, dude, so funny!

    10. Apparently we're going to this in Vegas. They better be nice to the horses around me or I'm borrowing one of Rusty's guns. Just saying.

    Thanks for the always awesome 10! I'm hoping that next week I have more inspiration than I did this week. Might take a lot of crossed fingers.

  7. #1 That movie was great! The worst movie with him that I have seen was Ghostrider. Awful, awful, awful! (But maybe I haven't even seen the worst of them.)
    #5 Seriously? I have to try that too - isn't that the first principle of science that an experiment needs to be repeatable? ;-)


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