Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I've been a total lame-ass at responding to the comments you guys leave me. I'm sorry. Just know it's not you, it's totally me & my inability to sit down & concentrate on anything at the moment.

2. Real friendship is being able to say you're sorry, for everything.

3. So I went to the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood on Sunday night for a friends b-day & as fun as it was I'd have to say the highlight of the night was standing less than 15 ft from Dexter's Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter). Not gonna lie, I totally freaked out a bit on the inside but because I'm awesome I totally managed to keep my cool & not attack her with questions of what it's like to have sexy time w/Michael C. Hall.

4. Recently I've gotten really into this show. Normally I steer clear of anything that's from ABC Family but it's actually really good & surprisingly enough, not cheesy. Also, I totally want to raid Bay's closet this season. Love her style.

6. Due to the above, I'm pretty annoyed my HS or any school that I know of doesn't offer sign language as an option for foreign language. They still offer Spanish, and truthfully that shit ain't that foreign in the US anymore.

5.  It's pretty much true.

6. Last weeks get together with Jami & Simone went pretty awesome. They were both kick ass chicks & there were no dreaded awkward pauses...yay! As far as I'm aware they thought I was cool, which we all know is pretty much a given, but hopefully it's true cause I could get used to hanging out with real people & not just a computer screen all the time.

7. Bahaha...that's sexy.

8. I need a fro chop. As much as I like my hair down past mid back, it's getting pretty stringy & hay-like. My mom usually cuts my hair, because I'm cheap as hell, but every time I tell her to take off an inch I end up with a shoulder length cut, so you see my hesitation.

9. Em's coming to the US in a few months! So exciting. But it doesn't end there...she's coming to Las Vegas, which is only 3.5 hours away from me. Guess who's going to Vegas? This girl, that's who.

10. Lately I've been really careful about what I write because I didn't want to offend anyone but I think that shit will stop now. I'm tired of holding my tongue. Time to practice what I preach; if they don't like it, they can move the fuck on.

* * * * * *

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*NOTE: Apparently I can't count or put numbers in order. (evidence is above) Don't know if you guys were just being nice in not telling me or just laughing behind my back, either way I still love you for not making me feel like a jack ass.


  1. I like posts that offend people.
    #3 you probably realize my jealousy. I'd like to ask her for her abs secret. Probably doesn't involve candy corn.
    #5. Stupidity automatically trumps who you are and what you believe in my book.
    Oh, and I need a haircut. It's been almost 7 months.

  2. #6 - Yes! I would have loved to learn sign language in high school I took french. Only because I refuse to learn spanish.
    #7 - I really needed that. thank you!
    #8 - You're not the only one that needs a trim! And our local salon just jacked up their prices...so that sucks.

  3. Yay for #9! That is so cool! I hope you will have lots of fun together!
    And I love #5! That is so cool and made me laugh so much!
    Have a wonderful week, dear!

  4. I have to say how much I look forward to Tuesdays and these posts! I love your honesty and that you don't hold back! Stay true and have a great day! :D

  5. Ha ha, I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the post because I was wondering how it is humanly possible to fart into a purse ;-) I love Tina Fey (30Rock anyone?), what movie is that?
    I've seen something like #7, only she was skyping with her boyfriend and a guy NOT doing the chicken walked through the room. Clearly, that would make for an awkward conversation!

  6. You know what? I might actually do a 10 on Tuesday. Just for you, lover.

  7. 1. i seriously suck at responding to comments.
    3. omg. i would have lost my shit for sure!
    5. : ) yes!
    6. i have yet to do a meet up - but they always seems pretty awesome.
    8. good luck! could you try a beauty school for on the cheap haircuts? might be better than getting a bob. :)

  8. I have been totally MIA in blogging. I'm good at scheduling posts but I've been too exhausted to comment back :( I guess it happens to all of us.

    And I work RIGHT down the street from the Magic Castle but have never been!

  9. Your counting is my favorite. Also, #10 gets a big ol' hells yes from me. Let 'er rip, I say!
    p.s. We should totes hang out sometime. You're good peeps.

  10. #3 - At least you did't freak out, jumped in front of her, yelled her character's name, pointed straight at her face, and scared the crap out of her - YES! That IS what I did to The League's Paul Sheer last year on Times Square. No, I DID NOT do that on purpose...that was just my "natural" reaction to the situation...scaring the $&^% out of him AND embarrassing the heck out of my boyfriend. I tried to apologize to Paul Sheer on twitter...no response back...lol I bet he was still scared of me...

  11. You know what show I am addicted to? Breaking Amish on TLC. Have you seen it?

    It's so awesome when you get to meet up with a fellow blogger. We need to meet up one day!

  12. I love that movie! One of my favs. You should read Tina Fey's book - so good.

  13. dexter in 2 weeks I think! drooling.
    would love to learn sign language. I bought a dictionary and learned all the dirty words but I don't think they would be helpful/appropriate in most situations.
    please never censor yourself. this blog is all yours and is only this awesome because of your hard work. if you feel like being a bitch, do it.

  14. OMG - Jennifer Carpenter!! I totally would have tackled her lol.

    I have seen those commercials on ABC Family for that show "Switched at Birth" and they hook me. I just always forget when they're on!

    #7 totally made me giggle. Agh!! Too funny!

  15. Never hold your tongue woman! People love you and you blog for what they are!!! I need to get back on the switched at birth band wagon! I'd love a blogger get together! Must meet up with some local bloggers soon!

  16. #1 Baby Mama is hilarious.
    #2 I watched that skype thing about 57 times and laughed. a lot.
    #3 numero 6 almost made me pee my pants. ok maybe not. just a little.


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